What’s Wrong With the Occasional Cigar?

Smoking Cigar

One day back in October of 2016, a dumbass smoked a cigar while the rest of his group was just beginning to cross the HOF line. These were the parting words to his group: Hey guys, I didn’t post a promise today, and this is why. I came to KTC … Continue reading

Ask The Experts FAQ

Ask The Experts

The following questions and answers were pulled together from discussions on the KillTheCan.org Message Boards. Please fill out this form if you’d like to ask a question to be answered by the quitters at KillTheCan.org. I’m really dizzy (foggy). How long will this last? How long after I quit dipping … Continue reading

Cigars and the Quitter

Homer Cigar

The topic of other nicotine (cigars, cigarettes, snus, nicotine patches, gum, etc.) and if they’re “allowed” for a quitter on KillTheCan.org comes up quite often on the forums and I wanted to put this post together so the next time it comes up I’ve got my response ready to roll. … Continue reading