2018 HOF Speeches

Dumone’s HOF Speech – Quit Today For Today

Dumone avatarI’m quitting tomorrow. I’m never doing this again. When I run out, that’s it. It’s going to be an awesome weekend… couple cans but come Monday, no more.

Sounding familiar? There are a million of these phrases for every million of these phrases. The only one that matters is the one that works: I quit today. We cannot control the future nor can we change the past. If you’re reading this, you are an addict. You are addicted to nicotine. It’s not heroin, alcohol, cocaine, or anything else that might kill you. No, it’s a substance that will kill you. It’s a substance that has been, up until recently, socially accepted that to be cool you use it; to get a bump in sports you use it, to stay focused while outdoors you use it, or – the catch all – after a long day, take a load of and use it. Whatever your rationale, it’s a facade. You do not need it and using it only slows you down.

I chewed since the summer of 2000. I was able to kick it for a year here, couple months there. All in all, my best guess is that for 16 years of the past 18 years, I chewed. I blew through each and every ‘I’ll quit when’ promise made… until I joined KTC. KTC reminds us that we CAN do something about the present.

Today, I quit. Day 1.
Today, I quit. Day 2…

Do something about your problem right now. Do not get lost in ‘forevers’, ‘never will I agains’, or ‘I wills’. Do it right now for right now. Once you do it – commit. Rewire. Look for triggers and hit them head on. Make your promise and if you feel that promise is wearing thin, reinforce it with another one and another one. Fight it. Fight it hard. Quit today because you cannot quit tomorrow today, and you cannot quit yesterday today. Regain control of your life, your health, and, ultimately, your happiness.

Kill the Can, folks! I quit today for the 118th time. I feel better, I’ve saved approximately $450.00, and I actually go to bed WITH my wife rather than ninja dip for an hour or more!

KTC for life.

– Dumone.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Dumone

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