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Two Types of Quitters at KillTheCan

Two Kinds of QuittersI posted day 352 today so I have been here long enough to see that are 2 types of people on KTC; those that get it and those that don’t.

The ones that get it post their promise first thing in the morning before they start their day. They exchange digits with other quitters and call or text them daily. They post an introduction and read as much as they can from other quitters. They get involved in discussions in their group and other groups. Bottom line they take their quit seriously and work hard to protect it and they help their brothers (and sisters) do the same.

The ones who don’t get it post roll when it is convenient or when they think about it. They don’t exchange digits and don’t communicate with other quitters outside the forum. They post and ghost, not getting involved or even reading the posts of others. They ignore pm’s sent to them containing digits and offering support. When they cave they don’t put thought into their answers to the 3 questions. They use words like “slipped up,””hope,” and “try” in their answers. They blame others or alcohol for their failure. They get upset and defensive when they are called out for their addict mentality. They want the site to change instead of changing themselves.

The success rate among those who get it is nearly 100%. The success rate of those who don’t get it is much lower. If you decide to pick and choose how you use KTC without using all the tools available to you, you may succeed or you may fail. If you accept the proven KTC methods and follow them relentlessly, you will succeed. Why take a chance at failure when you have a proven path to success. If a doctor said he had a pill that would make you quit nic forever with no harmful side effects and all you had to do was take the pill every morning when you get up, would you take it? That is what KTC is, and it is free.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Tonifer

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