The Surest Sign Baseball Men Were Here – Skoal Wintergreen

Adam Schefter Instagram

Adam Schefter, NFL Insider at ESPN took to social media the other night to tell us what we already know… baseball has a dipping problem.  Schefter posted the following picture to his Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account with this statement: “Walked into ESPN green room to work and spotted the … Continue reading

Coming Soon – Smokey Mountain Reviews

Smokey Mountain Herbal Snuff

If you’re a regular reader of our smokeless alternative reviews, then you’ll know that there has been one glaring hole in our reviews for some time now: Smokey Mountain Snuff.  Smokey Mountain holds a special place in my heart as it was the alternative that got me through some of … Continue reading

Bacc-Off Review

Bacc-Off Cans

Bacc-Off was originally introduced in the early 1990’s as a tobacco free snuff that emulates real tobacco in taste and texture. Even before I was quit (nearly 6 years ago for those keeping track) I’d heard of Bacc-Off and their corresponding Dip Stop program. In an effort to provide as … Continue reading

Mint Snuff Review (Oregon Mint Snuff)

Oregon Mint Snuff Products

Way back during a previous failed quit attempt, I tried Mint Snuff.  I remember very vividly walking into a gas station on the campus of Indiana University in Bloomington and picking up a can.  I also remember very vividly turning around about a mile down the road and returning to … Continue reading