2011 HOF Speeches

What Have I Learned???

husker06484 avatar100, doesn’t seem like a large number. If I had 100 dollars 100 days ago it would only be worth 50 dollars if even that much. See 100 days ago I would have to make sure that I had my death money. Make sure that I had my money set aside for something that has a warning label on it that says this product may give you cancer…I would have to have money put away so I could continue to lie to my wife and buy extra gum so she wouldnt smell it on me when I got home. If I had 100 dollars 100 days ago fucking I am living the high life buying tins of Grizzly wintergreen, breakfast taquitos and blueberry coffee from 7/11 like I am the king of the world for at least a week…..Yea I was that cool….

Soooo about 100 days ago my wife asked if I had a dip….Of course I say no…I rationalized in my head that she knows i dip so if I tell this little white lie in wont hurt…..She was on a kick asking me more often..>She thought I dipped more socially….So I came clean after I lied(not the brightest idea) that I had one…OHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOO I DIDNT!!! All hell breaks loose….No dinner plates were thrown but I am sure she wanted to….

Later that morning with a big fatty in at work I come across KTC….Hmmm whats this I think to myself…I start reading and start reading some more…Then I come across the Jenny and Tom Kern story…..That was enough for me…Spit out the lipper tossed the rest out the window…Didnt know the flush rule yet and havent looked back since

So what have I learned thus far….(still got plenty to go)

I am the worlds biggest fucktard! I was going through the suck for months…I was trying to “wean” myself I would not dip for 2-3 days get so pissed off buy a tin and finish it then stop again and start again…Could not figure out why I was so pissed…When I read about the suck I wanted to take my balls and close them in a drawer….Heard that from someone on here…Thanks Klark..You are not an asshole

I learned how to post roll kind of quickly….I didnt want to fuck up something so sacred even though I didnt get it at first

Accountablilty is a must here….Your word everyday on that roll is all you got…You cant lose that not here not ever….I never knew what my word meant till KTC…

I have learned that people will walk through the fire with you from day one….I couldnt or did not quit for my wife, my kids or my family…But I can quit for myself and keep my word…If I dont some guy named Ready is going to be pissed…He sent me my first PM and I was like holy shit..I think it was like 2.2 seconds after I signed up…

Brotherhood here is a bond that will never be broken….The vets here know what they are talking about and you must pay it forward….

I learned that the freedom gained from not dipping is a feeling that I forgot existed…I was a slave for way to long and it wiped my memory clean of what I was missing….I CAN spend the day with my wife and kids and I mean all day…No more sneaking away….I CAN coach football and set the right exampe for the kids…I CAN go to my kids games without a coffee cup so it looks like im drinking and not spitting…Freedom is a great thing

I learned that you can be friends with people and form bonds with them even if you never meet them face to face….I would do just about anything legal to help out a brother or a sister….Had to put legal in there you never know what reb is up too.

OK so I hear the Oscar music playing in the back ground, but I dont care…And if you are still reading you must have liked what you read thus far….If not fuck you….

Now to my many thanks….

My wife…Mrs husker put up with a lot but she has stood by me the whole way and I love her for that and many other reasons too…..

TO My same day quit brother…Rus we are attached at the hip and I coudnt be prouder to walk into the hall with anyone else

Reb and Miles thanks for your constant support and texts, pms emails and such…You 2 have been a constant in my quit and I cant thank you enough

TheRog…You were the 1st June brother to get in touch with me and give me your number….You are a source of strength and laughs….You are going to be a lucky father soon and all I want in return for posting for you so much is the first name of the baby….What is that to much???

NOLAQ….I have damn dip dreams about what you would say to me if I posted day 1 again….Shit its scary…You pointed me in the right direction early on

SmokeyG…Its because of you I got so wrapped up in this site….You were a constant thorn in our sides and you just pissed me off….But it was a great release for me

Kdip…You showed me what a Vet was all about and how to pay it forward

30 and all you ugly SOB’s in May you have made this place much more fun for me with your attacks and your pics 30…you sneaky Ninja

Scowick…You got me through some tough times in chat and your HOF speech hit a cord with me…Im no snowflake

Michelle…Yes you win always do..>Thanks for caring

Rocket…We are going to the moon whatever floor that is on

Corn…You are my hero

And to those of you that I left off I apologize but thank you soooo much

And last but certainly not least…The legends of June

Evil, Scott, KD, Hession, GaDude, Cbblount, DaveVT, Sotex, Nada, David67, Carbon, Choke, Fleppy, Wayne, Pack, Wooly, the Dogs, Yankee, Ksarmor, Boman and JW……

Its an honor everyday to post roll with you…Thanks for the support could not ask for a better group of guys to be quit with everyday!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member husker06484

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