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What Quit Really Is

KTC PrioritiesYou fuckers are relentless, like a fat ex girlfriend who keeps drunk dialing me at 3am. I love it, and thanks to all of those in contact with me for caring about my worthless ass. Too many of you to name. But thanks.

Names on the board are different but the stories are the same. I forgot I was an addict, I stopped posting and then… It just happened.

I can’t decide if it is stupid or sad or maybe both.

If you quit and started again you’re dumber than a drunken howler monkey trying to fuck a rabid porcupine with a “good personality” . You also were never truly quit to begin with.

If you built a quit out of blocks there would be a block on the bottom that was all about admitting that you are a sniveling, sneaky, lying, full on crack whore of an addict. You don’t have a habit, or a vice , or a guilty pleasure, you my disbelieving friend have an ADDICTION. It is bigger than you, and it’s forever.

Until you totally absorb the truth that ” YOU ARE A JUNKY” and that your literally no different than a heroin addict, your quit will have a weakness. Willpower alone can get you a 100 day vacation from dipping, but that’s not a quit. You can build a house without a foundation, but it won’t stand the test of time.

3 1/2 years and all of my rants can be summarized below, it really is this simple, and if I can do it then anybody can.

Quit is a state of mind. A decision. Make it, and then live with it

Quit is pure acceptance that you are an addict, there will NEVER be a time when you are NOT an addict.

Quit is the realization that chewing doesn’t help… ever. Anything you tell yourself opposite this is a lie.

Quit is the understanding that chew only fixes the problems it created in the first place. It doesn’t fill the void, it creates it.

Quit is the knowledge that nicotine doesn’t reduce stress, or heal a broken heart

Quit is a decision and it’s final. Come hell or high water it’s final.

Quit must be truthful, don’t “ninja quit” your leaving an out. Tell your spouse, your kids and everyone you know. Create personal accountability.

Quit requires a life time of vigilance, if you forget you’re a junky you’ll fail.

Quit is sometimes one minute at a time, sometimes one day at a time. sometimes one moment.

Quit must be a priority, in the beginning it takes precedence over all things. Your job, your spouse, your kids. They win in the end, but right now quit comes first.

Quit has a price to be paid, get over it. It won’t kill you, despite what it feels like in the beginning.

Quit is for you and you alone, no one can choose it for you. You can’t do it for anyone but yourself.

Quit requires a plan. Think thru your triggers in advance, then be ready for the ones you forgot to plan for.

Quit takes time, there is more to it than to simply stop using nicotine. You’ll need to re-learn some of your life. It’ll be ok, give yourself permission to take that time.

Quit is worth it. All of it.

This addiction will kill you, it will harm your relationships, it’ll damage your body and steal you from those who love you. It robs you of your life. It makes you lie, it makes you a slave. It is selfish and cowardly, it is suicide on the installment plan.

You deserve better than this.

This board can work for you like it did for me. The old guard that pointed the way for me is still here for you. All the tools are here for you to build your quit. You just have to take the time to learn them. Roll call, reading everything you can find. Reaching out. Learn about nicotine and how it actually physically effects you, learn about being an addict. Listen to the vets. Save your life, it’s not as hard as you think. There is no shame in posting roll or using support to quit, it isn’t weakness, it’s strength. Your odds of success are much stronger here, your among your own kind of sneaky lying nicotine addled junkies. We know what your feeling, because we’ve been there.

And if you happen to be a hungover howler monkey with a dick full of porcupine quills, take the time to find the piece you missed before, it is here, even if you post until your 101.


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan quit dipping support forum member Skoal Monster

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