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What’s Chewing at You?

ToothacheFound this in my local paper the other day and thought I’d pass it along.  Some interesting stuff in here about why dip is so bad for you.

Your Dental Health
by S. Bradley Gair, D.D.S.
Family Dentistry

New research shows that chewing tobacco users are more likely to develop tooth decay (particularly on the root surfaces of their teeth) than those who do not use tobacco.  The study offers a large-scale, detailed analysis of the relationship between dental decay and the leafy form of tobacco.  It showed that men who use chewing tobacco exclusively were four times more likely than those who have never used tobacco to have one or more decayed or filled root surfaces.  The high sugar content in chewing tobacco is one reason for the product being associated with an increased risk for tooth decay.  Moreover, both chew and snuff contribute to gingival (gum) recession, making the roots more vulnerable to decay.

Whether you smoke cigarettes or use smokeless tobacco, isn’t it time to quit?  We emphasize brushing and flossing daily, along with regular oral health checkups.  Identification of the types of bacteria in the mouth may be the first step in diagnosing several diseases and ailments.  If you would like more information or an appointment, call 330-963-2922.  We’re located at 8984 Darrow Road, Suite #1, where we are currently accepting new patients.

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