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Who Would Have Thought?

melted1 avatarPresident Donald Trump and Nicotine-Free Melted1, for the last 20 years those were laughable proposals.

Today that is reality.

Quitting chew was never on my list, even 6 months ago, I never even considered the proposition. When friends would say “I’m trying to quit”, I would ask “Don’t you have anything else in your life to worry about?” Many strangers, mostly women, would ask me “Why don’t you quit?” and I would say “I can quit whenever I choose, I choose not to”.

As I mentioned early in the roll thread, I had the pleasure of having to put my father into detox and then pay for him to go to an inpatient rehab facility. BEST SUMMER EVER! During this time I was reading a lot of books on addiction and recovery and sometime in Mid-July there was a voice in my head that started popping up asking “what the hell are you doing?” and that is when I started the path to 100 days.

I was unaware of KTC in Mid-July when I laid out my plan to quit. I started by cutting my intake on a structured basis, because I chewed all day, every day. The 1st week I limited myself to 3 chews/day each for 30 minutes. The 2nd week I went to 2 chews and on the 3rd week I had cut to 1 chew/day and massive withdrawal symptoms. That is when I found KTC.

I had told no one that I was quitting tobacco, at the time it was more of an exercise for myself, to see if I could truly “quit when I choose”. My wife didn’t know, my friends, co-workers, no one. I had honestly believed that chew was part of my “brand”, something that added an extra level of toughness to my already rugged exterior. I am very stubborn and I never ask for help. KTC provided accountability, while anonymous, was very effective for someone like me.

KTC is just one of many tools one can use in the battle against nicotine.

I don’t know if I needed KTC to get to 100 days, I but know I went 100 days with KTC.

Stay quit my friends.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member melted1

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