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Why I’m Quit

Cantrap avatar100 days…. how unreal is the thought that 100 days ago i was dipping almost a tin a day, and now i rarely think about Copenhagen. Don’t for a minute think it was easy….. or painless. Those first days were horrible, and i found myself in chat almost every spare minute. Of course Cmark was the first person to offer up their number, but I was too scared to call him….. so he called me lol, never under estimate our white african brother haha. DaveinMt was someone I could count on being there every night during those first few weeks and would always have me laughing and take my mind off dip. The 20s rolled around and i found myself hanging out with Harvest, Gassy, an jubs till all hours of the sleepless nights, talk about being entertained for hours on end.

Early 30s were easy for me, smooth sailing for the most part. In those days was the turning point for me in my quit, Ariana became a regular in chat and we exchanged digits and agreed to support each other regularly,she’s been with me through every part of my quit from there on. Another person i met in the 30s was Prohunter, him and i met on chat and he has also been keeping me accountable with daily texts with his number and i return with mine, sometimes nothing more but that consistent daily text.

It honestly is unreal how fast the days stacked up, and yet here we are at day 100 without dip! What an experience!

Now my May17 family, we’ve been through lots together…. good and bad, but i honestly couldnt have done it without making that daily promise to you bunch of hosers whom i didn’t know, never talked to and quite regularily found myself laughing at. I really dont understand why making a promise to a bunch of weirdos like you kept me quit but it has, and who am i to question it? I’m proud as hell to be quit with you guys and look forward to our next 100 days together!
There’s just so many people to thank at this point and I’ll likely miss a few but here goes….

From May 17 : Leonidas, DonkeyMn, Mojo, Justinj, Ralphie, and everyone else in may thank you!

My support: Ariana, D2maine, Prohunter, DaveinMt, Samrs, Rhargett, Gassy, Harvest, Jubs, Law, chickdip, and Jb.

Im sure im forgetting some folks but there’s just so many that have been with me through this! Thank you all so very much!

KTC is a place full of a multitude of people that all play a huge part in my quit and is the only way i am still quit!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Cantrap

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