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Teaza Energy Tropical New
Reviews of the various products and flavors from smokeless alternative manufacturer Teaza Energy Pouches.

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  1. I am trying to help my son to quit using chewing tobacco. Do you have any samples that I could have him try? I know he usually uses a mint flavored chewing tobacco. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks from a loving and caring mom!

    1. Sandra, I hope you see this, call the Teaza # on the website, they do indeed have individual samples, ask for Matt ot Tiana.

  2. Hello Gents, got my hands on a brand spanking new flavor, Tropical, from Teaza. Man, another homerun by these guys. You can taste the pineapple for sure, it pops BIG TIME. I put this one in at 2:22 & it’s now 4:45 & it still is producing flavor. There is not another pouch company that produces such a great line of products. If you’re a Teaza fan, you’ll dig this one for sure.

  3. I have enjoyed Blackberry, Peppermint, & Spicy Cinnamon. The Coffee is ok but the flavor seems to crap out alot sooner than the 3 already mentioned. The tea flavor def stands out, which is OK with me. Will most def re-order this product. It is pricey, but from what I’ve seen they do alot of discount sales thru Bogo (buy 1, get 1 free) & you get a 40% discount when you sign up for the email list. Single pouch samples are available if you call the Teaza #.

  4. Didn’t really see any reviews on Teaza fire. I was intrigued so I tried it. I was hoping for that burn you get from some good hot peppers. Honestly, with cayenne and habanero in there I expected more heat. It feels about like sticking a piece of cinnamon chewing gum in your lip and is not even as hot as the fireball candy.

    The flavor has the same weird sweetness as all the other Teaza products. Its not bad but also not enjoyable. If you’re looking for something you know is in your lip then try it. Honestly, I would like a lot more heat and a little less sweet!

  5. Takes some getting used to. I agree with the reviewer it’s more of a sweet tasting (sweet tea) flavor on the Cool Mint. After a couple tins, I found myself liking it more and more. Very different from the real thing though so if you’re expectations are that this will be ANYTHING like Grizzly, Kodiak, then you’ll be sorely mistaken. Still, I liked it so much I reordered.

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