Hooch Snuff Coupons For KillTheCan.org Users

Hooch SnuffKillTheCan.org in conjunction with Hooch Snuff is proud to offer KillTheCan.org members an exclusive coupons to be used when purchasing Hooch products!

  • KTCHOOCH – 12% off all orders
    (valid for all of 2019)

Coupon codes can only be used once per customer and cannot be combined on orders.

Click Here To Order From Hooch Snuff


    1. Troy – thanks for the comment. Honestly I don’t know… it completely slipped my mind that this has expired. I’ll reach out to them to find out and report back here. Thanks!

    2. Troy – coupon code has been updated and is good through 2015. Thanks for bringing it to our attention and thanks to Chet & Hooch for the offer!

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