Smokeless Alternative Reviews provides unbiased reviews of smokeless alternative products available to help people with their oral fixation when quitting dip.  Got an alternative product you’d like us to review but you don’t see it on the list?  Contact us and we’ll get it take care of!

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  1. I’m very curious to know if there is anything similar to Skoal apple. Been searching for a while but have yet to find anything. Please let me know if you have heard of anything like that.

  2. Im sure you’ve answered something similar to this, but on day two of my quit after about ten years I’m sure u can understand my lack of patience at the moment.. Ive tried smokey mountain and it made my mouth feel horrible. Think it was the molasses? I’m looking for something with the least amount of molasses or sugar or whatever is so sweet it feels my teeth are going to rot out in a week. I dipped skoal long cut and chewed red man so I don’t think I’d be a fan of anything very finely ground.. Flavor isn’t a big deal just want something that will pack real well and not float around my mouth and won’t eat through my teeth. Thanks a lot for the advice and this website is a great thing your doing.

    • Stevie, in my opinion, the closest “feel” to real tobacco, was the Hooch brand. It’s not my favorite of all of them, but “feel”… I think it’s the closest you’ll find of the fake ones. Just my 2¢…good luck!

    • I’ve been using grinds coffee pouches. Not too sweet, been off cope for two weeks

  3. Any recommendations for Skoal Wintergreen POUCHES? I’ve tried Baccoff and Grinds and still looking for the right flavor/feel. Thank you for your help and reply!!

    • TO –

      There are some GREAT pouch alternatives out there. If you’re not into Baccoff and Grinds, I’d point you to the following to start:

      Smokey Mountain:
      Mint Snuff:

      I’m also about ready to post my review of PRO-DIP pouches which are, in a word, outstanding.

    • Triumph now makes pouches too. I am partial to the loose form of these fake dips, so I cannot give an opinion on them. But their loose, nicotine free (Zero Strength) product is outstanding.

    • I absolutely, absolutely RECOMMEND TRIUMPH CHEW. I am on day 2 and going strong with no urges of wanting to buy a can of my favorite skoal mint pouches. I had tried the Bacoff, every flavor of grinds, smokey mountain. None of these had that wetness and made you spit like my skoal mint pouches. They were all just to dry. I had posted on here (somewhere) and someone recommended I try triumph chew pouches. I went to the website and 5 cans of the half nicotine. These are the best things so far. I still am spitting in my spit cup at work like I always did (the habit part). It feels like a normal pouch with the wetness. I am on day 1 and half and really enjoying not spending my regular 5$ on a can of chew, and a drink (habit). Plus the triumph mint flavor tastes kind of good. AGAIN, HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU TRY TRIUMPH. I ordered the 5 cans Monday, and they were here by Wednesday

      • Glad to hear you like the Triumph Lucas. But you should probably be using the Zero STRENGTH, no nicotine versions.
        We aim to be free of the poison here, so we only subscribe to the nicotine free alternatives. If you like the product, it should be an easy switch.

    • TO, nothing touches Teaza, a great product. I dig the Blackberry.

  4. MT,
    I’d point you to Smokey Mountain Straight. The taste is close, as is the feel.
    Remember, NONE of these take dips will “exactly” replicate the tobacco abused for all those years. The trick here, is to find one that “will do”. I haven’t found any that are exactly like tobacco. But I do think Smokey Mountain offers a good product that feels like dip and tastes a little like it too…the spit is brown too!
    Good Luck!

  5. Hey, I have been searching your reviews, and all over the internet/youtube and need your suggestion. I am looking for the closest alternative to Skoal Straight Long Cut..I can not put an honest effort into quitting with pouches, and the fine cut alternatives aren’t doing it either…long cut, moist, and as close to a taste to skoal straight as I can get will be the best choice. Do you have any options for me to try? Thanks!

  6. Thank you! I ordered BACCOFF but I will definitely take your recommendation if these don’t do the job.

  7. Pete,
    The”best” tasting mint I’ve had was Triumph Herbal Chew. Smokey Mountain Artic Ice isn’t too bad either..Hooch also has a Mint flavor.
    If you try Triumph, be sure you try Zero Strength (Nicotine Free)…I do not subscribe to anything with Nicotine in it. Done with that shit. Good Luck.

  8. Looking for an alternative to Grizzy Mint Longcut. I tried Grinds variety pack but it wasn’t gross enough. Need something closer to tobacco – def not pouches. Thank you.

  9. Hey Chris,
    I haven’t had it in quite some time, but the Elicit brand of Herbal Chew is really fine cut. When I tried it, it reminded my of the Cope cut. The flavor is pretty good too.
    *Beware though*
    Elicit sells their products with and without nicotine in them!
    I only tried the “Zero Strength” or Nicotine Free versions….no more of that poison for this 30 year EX dipper!!
    Good luck!!

  10. Hooch classic is the closest I have found to Copenhagen so far, it is still a little bit sweet but the consistency is right, I got a sampler from them so I am going to try all of their flavors, I just need that fine cut feel, any others that are ground fine

  11. is there an alternative that had a similar consistency to Copenhagen fine cut, taste isn’t as big an issue with me as how it feels. I don’t need the nicotine I am addicted to the feel

  12. Try Mingua Jerky cans. It’s ground jerky in basically a dip can. It would be like fine cut, and the salt from the jerry makes it burn in your lip.

  13. I’m looking for a good alternative to Copenhagen wintergreen. I’m looking for something that feels like the real thing rather than a specific flavour. I have tried smokey mountain and hated the feel and texture of it. Grinds were fantastic (I love coffee) but I would prefer something that feels like Copenhagen long cut over the pouch.

    • The one that I thought most “felt” like tobacco is/was Hooch. Hands down, Hooch had a real good “feel”. I am a huge fan of Triumph products. But beware…some of their products can be purchased with Nicotine in them. I DO NOT use any forms of nicotine anymore. Being quit, means just that, QUIT from nicotine.
      But I liked the taste and feel of Triumph. But if you’re just looking for feel and not necessarily taste…give Hooch a shot.

  14. back off tobacco hurts the teeth… Good thing is not like Copenhagen or grizzly..

  15. Im looking for a alternative for redseal natural flavor long cut. I tried back off straight and that went terribly wrong lol. Any insight would be appreciated thank you.

  16. I guess it’s the consistency that gets me the most. SMC just doesn’t have the same consistency as Copenhagen long cut. It doesn’t pack right and you can’t move it around once you put it in its permanent. I ordered some triumph zero nicotine and we will see how that goes. If that’s a no-go I will definitely try hooch and holt. Thanks for the help and support.

    • Hey Tim, I’m a Triumph guy myself. I only use the Zero Strength too, no more nicotine. I think the Wintergreen flavor most resembles Hawkins, if you’ve ever had Hawkins. I was a Skoal Wintergreen guy, but dabbled with about all the smokeless stuff, and I’ve tried about all the fake stuff too. II cannot say for sure on a Cope flavor, some have said the Classic flavor Triumph (my favorite) tastes like Cope…I don’t think so. I think the Smokey Mountain Strait “tastes” close to Cope. I too enjoy the consistency of Triumph. It’s a great product. The Hooch is another pretty good texture. I don’t think the flavor lasts very long, but the texture of Hooch is almost identical to smokeless tobacco. Spitfire was my fovorite Hooch flavor, that stuff is HOT! Lol! But I enjoy the Triumph, they have a new Bourbon flavor that’s good too…get a 5 pack sampler…the mint is the best of all the mints I had!

  17. Looking for a Skoal Apple alternative. Anybody have a suggestion?

  18. I have tried the Elicit brand. I tried it for three times and now my inside of my lip is rough feeling and hurts at the base of gum line. I have chewed for years and really need to stop thought this might be good to try. Any one ever have this experience with an herbal one. The company stated that it is probably the mint stems cutting my lip. I just want to know if anyone else has experienced this?

    • Hey CD – not quite sure what you’re referring to. What sort of “experience” are you asking about? If you’re talking about using herbal / fake dip then yes, I’ve tried a SLEW of them.

    • I’ve spent a few hundred dollars on different fake chews & I never had that problem. The biggest problem I had is most of them are just nasty.

  19. Patrick Revels

    Do they have smokeless alternatives in pouch form? I switched to pouches because I hate getting particles stuck between my teeth. Thanks guys.

    • Hi Patrick – you’re in luck. There are several GREAT alternatives sold in pouch format: Let us know what you think!

    • Patrick, check out Teaza, they are awesome. Sucking on one now.

    • Hello Patrick… I’ve tried them all and will afree with Dan, Teaza is pretty awesome. However, due to customer service or lack there of, I quit purchasing from them. I’ve been using the BaccOff pouch since then. Closest to actual size of tobacco pouch. Also, Triumph Chew is getting ready to put pouches out. Go to there site and take a look. The company and customer service is awesome. Good Luck!

      • No Cam, I did have an issue with an order but they did make it right. Call the 855 # & ask for Tianna or hit them up on FB. They have a Bogo special going on right now, basically buy 1 get 1 free. But yes, things could be ran smoother with them no doubt. But man, the product is so good I tolerate it. Besides SMC, which I use if I’m pounding beers, nothing touches Teaza.

  20. Hey Guys,

    I’m trying to quite chewing. I like skoal straight but my favorite is skoal peach long cut. Any suggestions on a good alternative.

    I appreciate this site and the reviews it has. It’s great thanks

  21. I’m curious to know if herbal is that safe?? Some sites say herbal can cause cancer as well. Also some ingredients are bad for your teeth. Any feed back in this would be great

    • Mason – The fake dips that don’t contain nicotine / tobacco are “safe” to use. I use safe in quotes only because technically it’s not good to put ANYTHING between you cheek and gum for an extended period of time. As for the ingredients… yes, some of them are “bad” but not in a cancer-causing sort of way… more like in a “too much sugar is bad for your teeth” sort of way.

      I just recently published this piece on the blog where we asked a dentist about the safety of one herbal chew:

  22. Has anyone tried any of the coffee alternatives? If so how is it? I’m a cope southern blend guy, but I love coffee and tend to drink it all throughout the day. Also I’m 22 and just got diagnosed with leukemia so it’s time for the can to be kicked.

  23. What is recommended for someone whose used long cut forever?

  24. Thank you for the fast replies guys, I’m going to purchase those 2 different flavors and give them a whirl I will be sure to keep you guys updated on which one I’ll be going with.. Smokey mountain straight and spit fire…

  25. I’ve been dipping grizzley straight long cut for about 10 years, does anybody know or heard of an alt for straight? I see a lot for wintergreen and mint, Also would perfer loose over pouches … Thank you ahead of time – Brandon

    • There are several good “straight” alternatives. I’d suggest starting with either Smokey Mountain Straight, Classic or Hooch Classic or Spitfire (if you want a bit of a kick).

    • Hey Brandon, I was going to say the same as Chewie did. Smokey Mountain makes a straight….that Spit Fire from Hooch is a really “hot” one as well. Probably was my favorite among the Hooch brand. But I don’t think I’ve ever had the Straight by Smokey Mountain, but have seen it.

    • Almost forgot to mention Triumph’s classic. I was a Skoal Winter green guy….so most of what I tried with the alternatives is Wintergreen. But when I tried this classic flavor from Triumph, it automatically became my favorite. I’ve had classic flavors from Skoal before….but this Triumph is a little different….not sure “what” the taste is, spicy and “cola” like? I don’t know….but its worth a whirl too. Free shipping too =’s WINNING!!

    • hey brandon i feel like triumph is a good alternitive ive only heard good things however i have tryed smokey moutain straight it dont taste nothing like it

  26. A few years ago i found a tobbacolees snuff called Rizla Natural Choice. Has anyone seen it anymore?

  27. Anyone tried to kick Grizzley Wintergreen using any of these alternatives? Any suggestions would be appreciated. I’ve been been in the can for 26 years now and just found this site. Thank you in advance for your help.

    • I was a Kodiak Wintergreen guy. I’d point you to Hooch, Smokey Mountain, Bacc Off and Holt. All have outstanding Wintergreen products. Let me know how I can help.

    • Just to follow up with what Chewie said, honestly, nothing will be “exactly” like your Grizzly, his Kodiak or my Skoal. The key, at least for me, was to pretend in your mind, Skoal is no longer available, it isn’t made anymore. Then, find something you enjoy and will “do”. For me, I do like the Smokey Mountain Wintergreen….pretty good, a little sweet compared to tobacco. But what I absolutely love as a dip alternative is the Triumph. Its not really anything like my Skoal, but it tastes good to me and works when I’m in a “pinch” for one. Hope that helps, and welcome to a great website to help with your quit!

    • Were you able to find a good alternative? I’m also a Grizzley Wintergreen user…

    • I am also trying kick Grizzly Wintergreen. I just recently tried Golden Eagle Herbal Chew Wintergreen. I won’t do that again it was too grainy and too dry. I’m trying to find one that’s actually moist to help replace Grizzly with how moist it was.

  28. Looking to quit Copenhagen. Thanks for the product review. I’m going to try the Smokey Mountains Classic.

    • Hey Scott, please let me know if that classic Smokey Mountain has a similar taste to the Cope. I know nothing is going to be the same as the Cope, none of the fake dips I use are “exactly” the same as my Skoal Wintergreen. I have just found some alternatives that “will do”. That’s the key I guess. But let me know what you think and good luck on defeating the tobacco. I am now on day 51 without the tobacco and nicotine.

    • Just to follow up I quit Copenhagen for almost 6 weeks now. I tried the substitute for about 3 dips and quit.
      I used the nicotine patch and when the urge got to me I chewed the 4mg nicotine gum. And sometimes I would chew two pieces at a time. Then I would mix regularl chewing gum with it. After the patches were gone I only use the nicotine gum. Yes it’s a new habit but much safer. And each day its easier and now I don’t think or crave the Copenhagen. I gained a few pounds and have toothpicks handy and nicotine gum within reach while driving my semi.

  29. Just to follow up on my 4 pack of Triumph, as expected, I was not disappointed! I have not had the cinammon yet, but the Wintergreen, Classic and Mint were all SOLID! I was told the Classic was suppose to Mimic Cope, but I found it just to be something of its own. Very tasty I must add. Kind of spicy. The Mint was probably the best Mint I’ve had of the fakes.

  30. Any recommendations for something that’s similar to Copenhagen Long cut?

    • Samir….I was a Skoal guy, but I dabbled with Cope over then years. I think that Smokey Mountains Classic is the closest to Cope as any I’ve tried. Try it and let us know. I’ve been trying to get a Cope guy on my golf league to try it and give me his thoughts….so if you do, let me know. Thanks and Good Luck!

    • Best I’ve found is SMC classic. I would be open to other alternatives

  31. After dipping for 25+ years (Skoal Wintergreen Long Cut), thru suggestions on this site, I tried the wintergreen triumph, loved it, so decided to order a 4 pack sampler (wintergreen, cinnamon, classic & mint). As with others on here! I will only experiment with zero nicotine strength products…no more poison for this guy

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