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100 Days of Quit – What Does That Mean?

100 Days of Quit - What Does That Mean?100 days of quit. What does that mean to me? Not much really. Now before you go blowing a gasket remember this is my quit and this is how I feel. You can agree and you can disagree. Either way this is how I feel.

I am a New England boy born and raised. I’ve been watching the Patriots my whole life, huge football fan. I can’t believe what happened this past football season. You work your ass off, you fight tooth and nail, you power thru the bumps, lumps, and sprains. The hours spent preparing. You actually go undefeated the whole season, throughout the playoffs, then lose the Big One. I mean what the FUCK!

Every player that was interviewed after the Super Bowl was asked the same question. “What did the regular season mean to you?” They all answered the same way, “meant shit, didn’t mean a darn fucking thing.” “Yeah, it was great that we won 18 games in a row but, we didn’t reach the ultimate goal.”

The last couple weeks I have been looking at my quit in the same light as the Patriots season. Sure I can go 100, 200, 300, days of being quit but if I don’t win the ultimate goal what good is it? If I cave on day 1,235, I mean put the biggest fatest lipper of my life in, does it really mean anything to say, yeah I reached 100 days? No, it means DICK! That one day of a cave wipes out everything.

What is the Ultimate Goal? For me, it is never putting that shit back in my mouth. To never dwell on the fact that I made the best decision in my life. To remember each day in and out no matter how shitty it gets, that nicotine will not make it all better. Learn how to deal with stress and anxiety without nicotine. To be proud of the fact that I accomplished something that millions wish they could. Always remember how misserable I truely was when I was “dipping.” To never forget how far I’ve come and how hard I worked to get there.

My advice to someone who wants to quit is just that. Do you want to quit? You can’t do this for anyone but yourself. Deep down if you don’t want to quit, You won’t, it’s that simple. That was the one biggest difference in this quit compared to my other lame attempts. This time I really wanted it, I could taste the freedom of not being a slave to nicotine.

My advice to the “vets” of this shit. Remember no matter what day 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 and beyond. If you put that crap in your mouth those days mean crap, sqaut, dick. I’d rather be a Dolphin and have 1 day of victory than to lose the super bowl after going undefeated. Strive for the ultimate goal of never again. One cave and all those numbers you worked so hard for won’t mean anything to anyone

Now for the thanks. I first and most importantly thank myself. Yes myself for it is I that woke up and said what the Fuck. I hate this shit and I WANT TO quit. I want to thank bman, you were the first to say hi and give me your numbers. Good thing is I never needed them, bad thing is I have no idea who the fuck you are. Visa thank you for taking charge of QWA. loot thaks for being twisted, it was you that kept me interested and coming back to the site in the beginning. JPine, Fuck You. Dirty Sanchez, you know who you are. Thanks for being there in chat. I haven’t seen you in awhile. Satarch thank you for your PM one day. It was nice to know that someone understood what I was trying to say. Thanks of course to the site you were, are and always will be here when I need it. And last but not least a big fucking thank you to all you fuckers in QWA. One couldn’t ask for a better bunch of Quitters With Attitude.

I’m sorry if I missed someone by name but know this, everyone on this site has contributed to my quit in some way or fashion. If it was something you wrote or something you posted.

Special thanks and gratitude to ODT, I am sorry for what you have endured. It is your voice, your website, your pictures that give me something to hold on to, something to motivate me, something to inspire me. Although I have never met you, never talked to you live. I think I said Hi in chat one day. Know that you are a big reason why:

I don’t do that anymore and I have no desire to ever again.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Turkey

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