2018 Quitter Meets

Broccoli-saurus and Gregor – FEMA Holiday Meet

I realize the title of this post is a bit confusing. I’ll leave it to KillTheCan.org forum member Broccoli-saurus to explain: “I met Gregor for the first time and we YouTubed how to install cabinets and cut countertops and got work done. Met in Beaumont and helped a single mom get out of her Fema trailer and back into her house in time for the holidays. Epic KTC meetup. Two guys that had helped each other quit nicotine in back to back months coming together strong to help somebody else in an entirely different way! And we might of even learned something in the process! Shoutout to Rocketman who helped a bit with the finance as well. Brotherhood coming together strong to change lives!”

This, right here, is simply amazing fellas. Bravo!

Broccoli-saurus & Gregor - FEMA Holiday Meet (1)

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