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I received this from the one and only FISHFLORIDA this morning and just had to share. This right here is a perfect example of how powerful the KTC Brotherhood is. I’ve been having a really shitty few days on the home front and this message lifted my spirts in a big, bad way.

FISHFLORIDA Message 2.26.2023

We all have our reasons we quit. Regardless of WHY we quit, having fellow brothers and sisters in quit to help along the way makes the process easier. You never know when you’re going to get a reminder and a little ‘pick me up’ for your quit.

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Santosh Kumar Rai
Santosh Kumar Rai
1 year ago

Good afternoon honourable Miss Cherry.
I have still adhered to my resolution of not chewing tobacco.
The whole credit goes to you.
Lots of love to hugs to you.
I shall eternally be obliged to you.
A big salute to you from India.

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