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Nip Energy Dip – Out of Business For The Time Being

Nip Energy DipOne of the very first product reviews I did for the site way back in 2011 was for a super unique product called Nip Energy Dip. It was a unique alternative product because it was made from sea sponge. Over the years I developed a close relationship with Nip founder Lee Lewis who sadly passed away in 2013. Since Lee’s passing the company was taken over by his wife and a management group who continued to provide this unique alternative for quitters everywhere.

I’m sad to say that, at least for the time being, Nip Energy Dip is out of business.

  • They have turned off the ability to purchase product from their website.
  • All of the links to their products on Amazon are dead.
  • Their social media profiles have not been updated in some time.

After some conversations with Nip ownership it appears that there are plans to re-launch the brand but there is no timeline or specific plans to report. If any new information becomes available I will post it here.

Thanks to the folks at Nip Energy Dip for providing a unique alternative product for quitters for as long as they did.

I will leave the previous reviews on the site for historical purposes.

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