Stop Chewing Recovery Timetable

The body’s ability to mend itself after quitting dip is a beautiful thing to behold.


Within … You can expect …
20 minutes … your blood pressure and pulse rate to return to normal. The temperature of your hands and feet will also have returned to normal.
8 hours … your blood oxygen levels to have increased to normal limits.
24 hours …your risk of sudden heart attack to have substantially decreased.
48 hours … nerve ending to start healing and your sense of smell and taste to begin returning to normal.
72 hours … your entire body to test 100% nicotine-free with over 90% of all nicotine metabolites to have now passed through your urine. You can also expect the symptoms of chemical withdrawal to have peaked in intensity.
10 days to 2 weeks … your body to have adjusted to the physical functioning without nicotine and the 3,500 particles and more than 500 toxins present in each chew.
1 to 9 months … your circulation to have improved substantially, any sinus congestion, fatigue, and shortness of breath to have decreased. Your body’s overall energy will have increased.
1 year … your excess risk of coronary heart disease to drop to less than half that of a Chewer.
5 years … your risk of stroke is reduced to that of a non-Chewer at 5-15 years after quitting.
10 years … your risk of death from cancer to have decreased by almost half if you were an average Chewer (one can a day). Your risk of cancer of the mouth, throat and esophagus is now half that of a Chewer’s.
15 years … your risk of coronary heart disease to now be that of a person who has never chewed. Your overall risk of death has returned to nearly that of a person who has never chewed.

Sources for the above stop chewing recovery data include the 1990 U.S. Surgeon General’s Report on the “Health Benefits of Chewing Cessation, ” U.S. National Institute of Health, Medline Plus

© Joel Spitzer 2005
The original article has been modified to be more relevant for dippers and chewers.

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  1. Dentist mentioned the word “ biopsy “ and freaked me out. Been chewing about 2 cans a day since I was 15. Currently on hour 82 no chew. Grinds coffee pouches have been a god send for me. If anyone needs help, give them a try !

  2. I am 2 weeks without a dip… after a 25 year 1 can a day habit….I substituted the void in my mouth with a product called Grinds… it’s a flavorful Coffee pouch…. 0 nicotine… its worked fantastic for me…. the one thing I have to say is You have to be wanting and ready to Quit of it’s just not going to happen….. good luck everyone..

  3. 22hrs in,gut hurts, brain hurts, 28 yrs into it 2-4 cans a day. Hope it gets better

    • It absolutely does – I promise. Have you joined our forums yet? where we have thousands of quitters just like you who ‘get it’ cause we’ve all been there. It’s the best place on the web to get support and questions answered.

    • 8 days ✅
      2-3 cans a day habit. First 2-3 days were a bitch! Off of the chantex and only 1 or 2 piece of gum a day. Need to keep it rolling. Craving is gone and don’t think about it anymore.

      • I chewed 2 big tubs of Stokers a week. Qit cold Turkey, my birthday March 4 made 2 weeks, so I’m at day 17. Nothing easy about it, but I’m standing my ground. Its poison, dont put it in your mouth.

  4. Does the wrinkled lip go away?

  5. New years eve 2014 was my last cigarette and new years eve 2017 was my last dip. I started to chew to quit smoking but that was a bad idea, I actually enjoyed dipping more then smoking. but it’s been almost a year and im so happy I quit, keep it up y’all!!! Be strong!!!

  6. Congratulations to those reading this post. Do whatever you can to quit! My father developed oral cancer. He quit in 4 days using nicotine patches, after having chewed every day for 50+ years. He chewed starting at age 11. He slept with chew in and swallowed the juice. Love my dad and was terrified I’d lose him. He had a manidiblectomy last month. They removed his half his jaw and replaced it with part of his fibula. Seeking him breathing through a trach and being fed through a tube was excruciating. I am so thankful those things were temporary. We’re now gearing up for radiation. Tobacco is terrible.

  7. It bugs me that they just copy and pasted this from a smoking website. After 8 hours you carbon monoxide levels have dropped to normal? Yeah if you are a smoker. Make a new one that applies directly to chew. I’m jonesing and ranting.

    • Point well taken Matt. I’ve removed the reference to carbon monoxide as it’s clearly not for a dipper. That said, the rest of the info should totally be relevant.

    • I’ve chewed for nearly 20 years. About 2-3 cans per week. I work outside and my chews stays in for extensively longer periods. Honestly I would say maybe 30mins-1 hour of the entire day other than when I sleep I have a chew in. I quit about 11/2 months ago by starting on lazenges and then just deciding to moreless go cold turkey after going through three 4mg containers. The groggyness cravings are starting to go away but the one thing I really want to know about is do you regain normal brain function such as seratonin production or increase in dopamine levels? And if so how long would that take for a user like me?

  8. I’m 18 and I have been chewing for 9 years. I’m looking for some help quitting, my girlfriend hates it and the dentist is finally getting on me about it. I’ve tried to quit multiple times since I was 16 and just can’t seem to shake it. And when I quit I often find myself smoking a cig or anything else as a substitute. Which obviously isn’t doing anything good. Any suggestions would be appreciated

    • Dan you can quit, I am giving you some suggestion which are very helpful to quit nicotine.
      1. Detoxify your body first by taking coconut water in early morning.
      2. don’t try to stop immediately your nicotine intake, try to reduce your nicotine intake initially.
      3. cinnamon is very powerful herb and it has very good medicinal property, you can keep cinnamon stick in your mouth and replace dip.
      4. Brisk walk is one of the very good way to detox your body, also it gives positive energy. when you feel strong cessation of nicotine then go for walk and divert your mind.
      5. You can have black tea for initial days or week.

      I tried all this steps and i have quite successfully tobacco.

  9. Day 8 for me after about a 45 year habit (Cope/Red Seal). The weird thing is, I have had no withdrawal symptoms of note. I got some mint stuff to help the lip feel, but am astounded I’ve had no more withdrawal symptoms..

    • I quit 7 days ago and zero symptoms except after I eat and that craving goes away within a few minutes….I wasnt a heavy chewer,maybe 4 chews a day,at the most (1/4 can)

    • Is the mint stuff you got nicotine free? I found some stuff that has 100, 50 and 0% nicotine. Figured I would just wean my self off that way. I’ve yet to have any symptoms thus far either. Thought my next batch of stuff would be the 0%, guess I’ll figure out if I’m just fooling myself or not.

  10. Congratulation. I am a few days, from being one year. It feels good to be free from the tabacco leash.

  11. Charles Hollingsworth

    Been chewing for 27 years up to 5 cans a day currently on day one trying to quit

    • Keep it up! Today is 4 months for me. Sure, it sucked for about a month, but then my mind started to quiet down. I did get on Wellbutrin and Chantix and continue them both on the advice of the Doctor. I went with drug because wasn’t successful quitting before. Are the drugs helping? No idea, all I know is that I haven’t put that Devil’s Dirt in my mouth for 120 days. I’m ready to start tapering the Wellbutrin, it makes me feel a bit abnormal, I think it’s done it’s job. I can always get back on it if I deem it prudent.

    • 5 years today! 15 years of a can a day. Just writing to say it can be done, and it’s well worth it. If just starting to quit, know that it gets way easier! Stick with it!

    • Been chewing 40 years – currently 7 weeks no dip! Biggest key for me was to keep an unopened can in the truck – psychologically helped me as I wasn’t being “deprived.”

    • i hv been chewing for. the past 29 years now.. n currently on day 3.. confident of kicking this bitch… all the best to u

  12. On day three after 35 plus years of a can a day. It’s hell, but i’m done. Not getting my health and money anymore.

    • Hey Bobby, just wanted to see how you were holding up, brother. I quit on the 24th, my daughter’s first birthday. Chewed for 13 years, about a can a day.

    • Keep it up Bobby! I’m almost to 3 months, had back surgery and had to quit! BTW, turns out nicotine is really bad on your spinal discs; it constricts blood flow through the small blood vessels that transport blood, oxygen and vital nutrients to your spine! So you’re doin your back a plus!

      • I quit today I’m scheduled for a back surgery on April 10 so I wanted to go ahead and do it now instead of waiting until the last minute!! I’m only 12 hours in and starting to really crave one! I been dipping about a can a day for 15 yrs!! Didn’t know you had to quit dipping for a back surgery but gives me a good reason to and once I’m done I’m never dipping again!

    • Keep it up. Started dipping in 1975 took my last dip after averaging 5-6 cans a week on May 11,2013. Have had some cravings but well worth it

  13. Been dip free for almost 2 months. I am 28 and dipped for 12 years straight. Averaged a can a day. I had a scare right before thanksgiving and had to go get checked out for mouth cancer. Quit cold turkey on that day. My body still is recovering and getting used to no nicotine. I have literally felt it cleansing itself starting in my head moving through my chest now it’s in my stomach and lower abdomen. It sucks but I know in the end it’s all worth it. Stay strong folks.

  14. 15 days and going strong. I was talking to a man who had a dip in his mouth and I started craving. I hung in there and feel much better. I just got tired of doing Kodiak for 22 years. My blood pressure was dangerously high, shortness of breath, and being anti-social in order to take a dip away from family. I’ve tried many times before but I know this is it.

  15. Been chewing for 10 years since I was 12, started as a fast way to drop water weight for wrestling but it took hold from there, I am on day 3 of quitting and I didn’t even mean to quit, I’ve been too busy to buy another can so I saw my opportunity and momentum and I’m running with it. As someone who constantly had half a can in his lip my best advice is to keep so busy you can’t think about it, that’s what’s happening to me and after one bad headache I feel great! No anger no nothing

    • Don. 11/6/2018
      Enjoyed reading and good luck.
      Me: 73 years old. Good health. X smoker for 24 years. Retired, still raise beef cattle.
      Problem: Been dipping a can a day since I quit smoking. Having shortness of breath. Lungs clear, no arterial blockage and a little over weight.
      Can dipping really cause shortness of breath? I know I need to quit.
      Need some help ‘quitting the can.’
      Thanks, Don

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