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Bandits and Pouches Don’t Count as Dipping, Do They?

Skoal BanditsBandits and pouches ABSOLUTELY do count as dipping. Inside of the pouch is tobacco… tobacco contains nicotine. Nicotine is what you’re addicted to. While they contain smaller amount of tobacco (and nicotine) than a regular size dip they are still just as dangerous as dipping and chewing. When you’re dipping, the nicotine goes directly into your bloodstream via your gums and cheek. When you’re dipping a pouch or a bandit, it’s got to go ALL the way through that little pouch before it gets to your cheek.

To be clear — bandits and pouches are NOT a safe alternative to smoking and they are NOT a good way to quit dipping. Unless of course you think dipping is a good way to quit dipping.

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  1. We smoke chew fry everything dogs run loose necks are red and trucks ain’t clean
    Fighting side mile wide mostly us end up fighting overseas WAY OUT HERE!!!!!

  2. But… I thought scientific studies showed that people who dip/chew have the same statistical numbers for cancer as those who do not. Of note, a slight elevation in esophageal cancer numbers was found however small enough to have been within the margin of error and no direct causal determination was achievable.

    How do you like that Alarm Whores?

  3. Hell I’ve smoked, chewed, snorted and farted everything u read about. I know people never did any of that still got the cancer.I say live your life,do your thing, cause that( FDA) =FAST DEATH AWAITS
    wants to thin the herd any DAMN WAY!!!!!!

  4. So, is any juice from any pouch safe to swallow, or do you spit that out too? I just bought some Copenhagen pouches under the impression that you can swallow your saliva with them like snus.

      1. im trying the lower count of ZYn product. I want to quit and have tried many times. I also wonder about sleeping better with your product because I use tobacco pouches.

  5. Actually “chewie” it went in reverse for me, I was hell bent to chew like all the guys in my family & they chewed Copenhagen snuff. Chewed that for 20yrs, then quit cold turkey for 13mo. That whole 13 mo was horrible, I was agitated & edgy. One day at my son’s football practice someone offered me a little bandit pouch & it was perfect, not near the nicotine or tobacco but I would say I’m addicted.

  6. I started out using big league chew bubble gum and quickly moved on to candy cigarettes. It wasn’t long after that, that I took up real tobacco snuff. I did that for about 3 years. After that it was cigarettes. I did that for 5 years. I then picked up marijuana. I did that for 2 years. I then started snorting cocaine. I did that for 2 years until my nose started coming apart. After my nasal problems, I started smoking the crack form for 1 year. After that I moved onto Crystal methamphetamine. I did that for 3 years.After that I just started doing gasoline shots.

  7. A Skoal Bandit started me down the road to an 18 year addiction. These are nothing but gateways to a higher dosage product. They absolutely count.

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