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Biggun HOF It’s About Freakin Time!

Biggun HOF It's About Freakin Time!So I started dipping this shit 30 years ago…was introduced to Silver Creek by another kid while we worked summers at a State park in Indiana. First time I had it I spun around and fell down….so what kind of freaking idiot says that was great and continues to do it? I guess me and several other who have found their way to KTC. Through college I dabbled with Kodiak and then eventually graduated to straight cope. This crap has controlled my life for a long time and I am so pissed I let it do it to me.

So what got me thinking about quitting:

1. Scary dentist visits – gums nasty, with dipped tucked in every nook and cranny of my sore, bloody, smelly mouth. The hygienist wanting to see me every 3 months to stay on top of my gross situation and my dentist friend a “pouch guy” who had quit and was explaining the compounding effect of dipping and drinking at the same time. This lethal combo dramatically increase the odds of getting cancer.

2. Nic interrupts life – Stupid weed has so much control over my life. After always trying to hide my dipping I just got more and more comfortable doing it in front of my wife and kids. I felt like a complete loser with a turd stuck in my mouth as we watched TV, rode in the car together, or every other moment of the day. Amazingly how often I would just disappear to buy more cope. I missed a lot of moments and interrupted a lot of activities so I could satisfy my addiction.

3. Dementia – My father was diagnosed with vascular dementia 2 years ago. I have him in a assisted living facility and I am the only contact for him. Mom ignites his rage about delusions of infidelity and brothers are not close by. My Dad has smoked 68 years, it is largely who he is and is proud of the fact he has lived this long. Well let me tell you not being able to remember anything, having delusions, anxiety, etc…. is not living. I recognize the control that nicotine has had over him and how it has ultimately contributed to his illness and the burden it has put on me and my family to care for him. I guess it just makes a lot more sense to take better care of yourself so you do not end up not being able to do so at all.

I found KTC on Aug 22nd this was the Monday following dropping my son off at college. My motivation at the moment was largely financial….I was trying justify keeping a country club membership while dealing with the cost of Out of State tuition. Pretty amazing I was spending approx. $400 per month on dip. I search the internet and found KTC. Glad I did and I am so thankful for the support I have received from the Swarmin Hornets and all others who have supported me.

I do realize the battle goes on and we must be vigilant. I hope to use the same approach for other lifestyle changes I want to make. Someone told me a long time ago, “Tell people what you are trying to do and people will help you”. I believe this to be true and is evident every day on KTC.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member biggun

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4 years ago

Does that mean you are not quitting Stan?

Stan Smith
Stan Smith
4 years ago

Anyone spending 400. a month on snuff dose have a problem. I’ve been using it for 42 plus years and only go thru a can every two days at a cost of just over 2 bucks a can. Started dipping Skoal but it got to pricey so I’m currently using silver creek. I do agree that it can really get its hooks into you and is very hard to put down.

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