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    1. Glad you are checking in. You are getting it, it’s horrible, awful. However, in the morning, afternoon, and evening when you are at rest you will feel your accomplishment of the day.

  1. Day 188. It has been nice recently. I still struggle after meals and such but I find myself thinking about it less. I’m ready to see 200!!

  2. Day 366

    I have a dumb question.

    I quit on October 22, 2018. One year ago exactly. When i plug in the numbers it says in the calculator up there that I am on day 366?

    Shouldn’t it be 365 days?

    I checked and February had only 28 days this year.

    In any case I’ve been off the NIC this long and working on the second year.

    Ya’ll take care.

  3. I woke up one morning with a sore throat (not a cold), could barely swallow or clear my throat. I panicked. Quit cold turkey and scheduled a doctors appointment. Shortly after I had a scope done and my throat was full of scar tissue from dipping and swallowing for 25 years.
    It has been 81 days. It absolutely got easier, especially the “routine chews” like after meals, drinking alcohol, etc. I did put a few pounds on as I snacked more, but that pushed me to hit the gym even harder.
    I wish I had done it sooner and believe everyone can do it with a little will power and motivation!

  4. I am 39 years old. I started chewing when I was 12. I quit on Jan 8 of 2018 after 27 years of chewing copenhagen, skoal, beechnut, red man…you name it.

    I am on day 513 of being quit. Every person is in a unique situation…we all have different reasons we have chewed for, and why we developed an addiction to it.

    My reason for quitting? My health. The day I quit I had visited a dentist for the first time in 8 years. He said very simply, with no emotion or care, if you are going to continue to chew snuff my care plan for you is this: I’ll clean your teeth today and pull the two that are rotten from it, then you can come back for another visit in 2-5 years and I will pull the rest and give you dentures….because the way I see it, if you dont care for your teeth neither will I. I quit cold turkey right then and there. and have been quit since. It gets easier. It does. Find your motivation to quit and cling to it….use a picture, or a phrase and tape it up on your bathroom mirror or car mirror or whatever else works…..it can be done, it is possible….and guess what? YOU can do it too….it does not have to be someone else with super will power that you hear about or read about….you have it in you too.

    1. Update: day 702. All is well. have stayed quit….what one man can do, another man can do…i wish you all good luck and hope that your confidence to quit is bolstered knowing it CAN be done.

  5. Day 2 of quitting cold turkey. Yesterday was brutal but I was determined to not give up. I do find that I am stronger at some parts of the day and some other parts of the day I am almost looking for some excuse. I am determined to not go back.

    1. Hang in there Corey after the third day, all traces of tobacco will be gone from your body. Then after that get ready for the mind games. One day at a time.

  6. I quit on September 19, 2009, coming up on 10 years this year after originally chewing for 21 years. The first year went cold turkey and was awful, but after that no problems ever since. When I see a can or someone chewing, I have no desire anymore. You can do it!!

  7. Chris and Adam, think about the first three days of your quit, if you cave, YOU WILL have to go through it again. We are bigger than this… Now post in here and show them you are as good as them.
    Day 122

  8. Today is the first day of yet another attempt. I hope this group helps me. I am 51 and I started at 15. I doubt it will be easy. I have tried before and made it a week. Then ate two cans for breakfast. Not good. God help me, and you good people.

    1. Day 30 quitting Copenhagen snuff. Started @ age 13, now 41. On average 1.5 cans a day unless crazy day 2 cans. The hardiest part of quitting was the first week. Day three felt like a cloud and urges like a crack addict. After that, very on age. Mints, and big ass bag of dum dum suckers. Now I have gum when working or bored. I do think of dip during certain moments I would usually dip, but pass on with a coffee or gum. Long trips really test you but able to push on with bottle water, gum. You can do it. I believe the first week, the worst!

      1. Day 7. Went on vacation 11 days ago as part of my inability to cope but refusal to chew, I bought cigarettes which I have never found addictive or sustainable because of the smell and the fact that I had to go outside… anyway, smoked on my nightly walks on the beach as part as I contemplated my quit, returned from vacation tobacco free since. Got through some insomnia, night sweats, now having sore throat and lingering mouth sores as if I’m about to get sick. I’m all in on this one – I know from experience, it’s just one little gas station or convenience store moment of weakness so I will never ever buy any tobacco again for any reason. I can buy anything else I want – dee-lux chocolate or fancy drink or sunflower seeds or jerky – I’ll pay any price for anything so long as it’s getting my mind off the chew and avoids me making that purchase. It’s not so darn hard to avoid it it’s just that I have to not buy it, not do it and stay away from it. Good luck to you all and God speed and God bless!! Choose freedom! Choose self control!!!!

    2. I just quit three days ago and I also have chewed Copenhagen since I was 13 and am now 54. Have quit 3 or 4 times before and this time I hope for good. Crazy dreams, insomnia, and night sweats so far and severe anxiety. So for green tea has been the placebo. Hope things worked out for you Robert cuz this ain’t no fun.

    3. 50 here. Started when i was 16. Mostly Copenhagen but i’ve dipped just about everything over the years. Have tried to quit probably 10 times. Dec. 2nd 2017 i tried smokey mountain classic and i havnt had tobacco since. My heart rate went down 15 beats per minute once the nicotine was out of my system. That first couple weeks was rough but its all worth it. You’ll feel great when youre through with it. Good Luck.

  9. I am also a former marine. Outside of a few times in high school, I really started chewing after boot camp because everyone else was. I was a teen then and am now 43. Been chewing every since. I also figured up how much I have spent on Copenhagen since this time last year and could have paid cash for a new truck. It’s definitely time to quit. I’m trying to get it in my head that I made it through the Marines, I can make it through not chewing for myself and my family.

  10. I started back in 1991 just after Desert Storm. I worked my way up to 2 cans a day. Thanks to the VA I have been tobacco free for 41 days and I have saved a whopping $418.20. I couldn’t believe the money I wasting away all these years. I feel 100% better, sleeping great a night and not worrying what new lies I had to come up with to make me feel better that I was chewing. I was put on BUPROPION HCL 150MG 12HR SA TAB. I heard a lot of people don’t like it but I gave it a shot and followed my VA doctors advice and I “Killed the Can”! and will never look back. I do go through a lot of sunflower seeds but that’s even coming to an end. MAN DOES IT FEEL GREAT TO BE NORMAL AGAIN!!!

  11. I have been dipping for 4 years now. I have now found myself getting tired of putting one in. It seems like my body is rejecting it so I spit it out and then before you know it; I have another one in. I am blowing money that way. I really want to stop dipping 100%. I have been thinking about how much healthier I can be and make my mouth feel safe.
    Also I have a baby on the way, this will be an awesome start to fatherhood being successful on stopping a bad habit.
    I need some motivation like everyone says but I really don’t know where to start if everyone I work with dip along side it’s like traditional to dip if you are a male in my family.
    Can anyone show me the way to STOP!

  12. Hello all, am chewing tabacoo from last 10 years, last year decided to quite
    almost control 4 months but bigest mistake happen i was taking nicotine gum and got adicted for them

    no am dicided to quite and stop nicotine completetly so today is my 3rd day without any single % of nicotine, with me luck

    still thinkinng why the fuck i tried this nicotine, its worst than any other drugs

    1. long time dipper (17 years-ish). Im trying to quit by slowly “weening”/transitioning to herbal snuff. Im strategically mixing tobacco (stokers) with Smokey Mountain. I seem to be having success in that I am already at 30% (70% tobacco) and not having any withdrawal issues etc–I started about 2 weeks ago. Keep in mind, I keep a dip in pretty much all day w/ exception of eating and sleeping–and this hasnt changed since I started the “weening”. Has anyone else used this strategy to quit? Thanks for any feedback/replies. Nice site for those of us who are trying to “kick the (tobacco) can”

      1. Hi Bryan – this weeing method (also known as the titration method) certainly can work. But I’ll caution you. Just make sure you actually “complete the ween”. Many people, myself included, start off with the best of intentions and than are never able to pull the trigger when it comes to going 100% nicotine free. And THAT moment, when you’re 100% nicotine free, is when your true recovery can start. You’re off to a tremendous start but make sure you keep your eye on the prize.

        If you’re going to continue down the weenning path, I’d suggest you outline some concrete timelines for yourself (IE, every Sunday I’m going to go another 25%). Otherwise, you’re going to find yourself justifying why you can stay at your current level for “just a little while longer”.

    2. hey guys on day 70th … imporvement lots
      still getting some small amount of attention but no necotine from 70 day spend

      achivement for me is really really awesome, been deeping from 11-12 years

  13. Day 60 Today and having a pretty good day. Still feel foggy and get the urge for a chew. 30+ years and I have found sticking to a routine and getting sleep and exercise help a lot. Really want that 100 day HOF

  14. I’m staying up all night! I’m 21, about to graduate from college, planning my wedding in 9 months, I’m moving to Montana. The last one isn’t that bad, but I’m black so I get a few more looks than I’m used to in Seattle lol. I’ve been chewing for a year and a half and 14 minutes ago marks 24hrs. I’m fucking dying!! Couldn’t of chosen a better time smh she keeps telling me I can do it, but it just pisses me off when she envolves herself.

  15. 42 days after cold turkey. Was a 1 to 1.5 cans a day for 33 years. Could not have done it without just stopping , no work just mush thru. Fog is gone. Thought I would get lost in my own house. Working on defeating the weight gain and working my brain to get the last bit of concentration back.

    1. You’re an ass kicker. I was 5 cans a week. Been dipping for 30 years. I am working on day 7 right now. Got some fog. Difficult to stay focused for work. But I quit, and I am done with that crap. No more control over me.

  16. 20 days. Cold turkey after 1 to 1-1/2 cans a day. two closest friends chew. haven’t seen them much over the 20 days. still hard some days but I throw in chewing gum or chug a cup of water.

  17. I’m looking for an accountability partner. Preferably someone who has already been going strong after quitting. Someone who I can send a text to if I feel like Im about to cave and is willing to walk me through it. Please leave me a comment if you’d be interested!

  18. i have quit a tobaco chewing but after 15 days of quiting tobacco my mouth sore and minor crackes on the entire edge of right side on my tongue last 20 days this type of issue is happen with any one pl. share

  19. You can quit if you really want too. What stopped me was the doctor told me I had pre cancerous lesions on my lip and even if I quit cold turkey I could still develop mouth cancer.

    Well that was November 15, 2008 and I am happy to report that I did not develop cancer.

    2871 days of freedom

    Drive on my friends you can do this.

    1. Day 1805 over here.. just filled up my bottom and top lip, I just couldn’t take it anymore. I was almost to the point of cutting my wrists and inserting tobacco into my blood stream. Stay strong guys. I failed.

  20. Day 1 is complete as I head off to bed and I honestly don’t remember the first day of a quite ever being this bad but I’ve never wanted to quit for just my self as bad as I want to quit now. I’ve chewed for 5 of the 20 years I’ve been on this planet and I’m gonna make it through this quit and kill the can and beat big tobacco. Worst part about it right now is I’m already getting dip rage and I’m thinking I may already be in the fog but it just seems like day one is to early for the fog. Any suggestions?

    1. exercise, it is a great stress reliever go to the gym and lift some weights or go run a mile that will direct your energy else where instead of using it to be angry and feeling frustrated with quitting i know it sucks but it pays off in the end

  21. I’m on day 35! I have been chewing since I was around 14 and I’m now 39, going threw 1 can a day… It’s been awhile since I have attempted to quit and been sucuseesful. I always told my wife and kids, who begged me all the time to quit, I will quit soon…then a week went by, then a month, and then a year and still never quit. I had quit chewing a couple of years ago, but I quit for everyone but myself, which is way a started chewing again! This time is different, I WANT TO QUIT!!!! It’s embarrassing that I can’t go threw a movie with my family without dipping, or go to my kids baseball or softball game without dipping. This horrific habit has stole my life for 25+ years, and I’m taking them back!

  22. I have recently picked a quite date, it is the day we leave are next port which July 30, I’m a merchant sailor and terrified of the withdrawals and the stress involved with my job. Anyways I want this super bad for my self will keep posting till I get through this.

  23. Wow! Today is day 39 fro me since i quit!! Can’t believe it. I have been dipping for almost 28 years! I first started soon after i joined the Marine Corps. You either smoked or dipped to pass time. Guys would even soak their dip in their favorite whisky to give them even more of a buzz,

    I find it hard and still think about getting a can or two but as i have said before i have a 3 year old boy who keeps my mind off of it. We do a lot more activities now. Before i use just get on my computer and play games or surf the net looking for a job.

    My wife also noticed i spend a lot more quality family time in the living room either conversing or playing with our son. I am grateful for this website to hear others going through the same thing as myself.

    I am concerned though because i noticed a small(very small) white bump on my left cheek. Its deep inside where i never kept my chew but i am scared i may have developed something.

    Other than that i feel great of being nicotine free and no more a slave to it. I also can’t believe how much money i have saved since i quit. I did a quick estimate of how much i spent weekly, monthly, and year round. I couldn’t believe for the past 28 years i must of spent some where around 84,000 dollars on this shit. I could of used that for a down payment on a house!!!

    Keep strong my friends!!! Peace

    1. I am on day 7. I feel a sore spot on my cheek wall as well. I hope to God it is nothing for both of us. I hope it’s just our bodies healing themselves. 30 year chewer here.

      1. Day 202. I dreamed last night that I caved and bought a can. I had just one then I trying to get rid of the van before I had another. I was glad to find it was only a dream. This past few days I have thought about it a lot. We’re selling our home and moving to another state and the stress has just had me wanting one bad. I was really looking forward to day 200 so I was shocked when I got there and the cravings were that bad.

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