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Do you have a hard time remembering how long you’ve been quit? Ever wondered how much money you’ve saved since you quit dipping or smoking? Use these calculators and let us keep track for you! Enter your quit date and your usage and we’ll take care of the rest! Keep on quitting!

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  1. It’s been 463 days. For about the last week, thoughts of starting again are creeping back in and I’m not sure what to try. I did this cold turkey but these cravings are getting bad. I’ve read a few of the reviews of some alternatives but I’m looking for a Copenhagen alternative that can me
    past this.

    1. Closest thing I could find is Smokey Mountain Classic but the cayenne powder is more than I can handle. I ended up using Baccoff wintergreen and apple pouches. Hope this helps but dude don’t cave its not worth it.

    2. Day 521 for me Travis and the thought of dipping doesn’t seem to go away. Just keep doing what you are doing and you will get past it.

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