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Do you have a hard time remembering how long you’ve been quit? Ever wondered how much money you’ve saved since you quit dipping or smoking? Use these calculators and let us keep track for you! Enter your quit date and your usage and we’ll take care of the rest! Keep on quitting!

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  1. So my quit is only 120+ days but at roughly 1.5 Tins a day I’m already looking at more than $1200 in savings and an annualized savings of more than $3,000

  2. Guys, You can do it. Check out my stats below. Don’t waste any more of your precious time or $$$.

    How long have you been quit?
    3963 Days Free

    How much have you saved?
    $17833.50 Saved

    Ditch the Bitch 2020!!!


  3. 1801 today. Cope is such a distant memory…the life thankfully in the far past. Son has a significant tumor removal surgery in his spinal cord next week. Not a chance the worm dirt would ever be a part again. Your freedom is worth it. Stay the course.

  4. I”ve smoked or chewed or both since I was 16. I just turned 41. 25 years of damaging my health and potentially my future; not to mention the tens of thousands of dollars I pissed away. I’ve been chewing regularly for about 15 years. I’ve had many quits over the last 5 years. But this year with COVID and everything else, I am determined to make this my last quit. I’ve hit 100 days once before, and I am on track this time. I am 58 days in, having quit on Independence Day 2020. I will never forget my quit day, the day I became independent from chew, July 4th! Good luck to everyone else out there who knows the struggle.

    1. 16 days and counting.. Yesterday was bad but
      I fought through it.. This has been and still is a horrible experience. One which I will remind my self of when ever I have an urge to dip.. Nicotine should be outlawed.

        1. I ate 8 vegan burgers yesterday and drank God knows how many cups of coffee yesterday. I still feel bloated today but at least it lessens the urge to dip.

          Thank Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Thor, Shiva and all the other deities out there.

          F**k nicotine, I will get through this.

  5. It’s been 463 days. For about the last week, thoughts of starting again are creeping back in and I’m not sure what to try. I did this cold turkey but these cravings are getting bad. I’ve read a few of the reviews of some alternatives but I’m looking for a Copenhagen alternative that can me
    past this.

    1. Closest thing I could find is Smokey Mountain Classic but the cayenne powder is more than I can handle. I ended up using Baccoff wintergreen and apple pouches. Hope this helps but dude don’t cave its not worth it.

    2. Day 521 for me Travis and the thought of dipping doesn’t seem to go away. Just keep doing what you are doing and you will get past it.

    3. Day 265 for me and the first month was tough to be honest. I wasn’t a big chewer during the day but my escape from life was chewing downstairs watching sports or gaming. Had to change my relation to all of that. I still find cravings every once in a while but I will say it has come on more as of late. With fall approaching and more indoor time, i sued to watch a lot of football/hockey and play video games in my man cave and chew. I feel that itch as this season rolls around.I bought some Smokey Mountain which isn’t the same but gives me a certain sensation but not everything I remember. I will say since I cold turkey’d it, i find that I drink more each night where before I replaced drinking with chewing. Anyone else have that problem?

      1. Brandon – the short answer is ‘yes’ there are DEFINITELY others that find they’ve replaced dip with alcohol. In fact, you’ll find the site and HOF speeches LITTERED with references to alcohol: https://www.killthecan.org/tag/alcohol/

        We oftentimes tell folks to lay off the sauce early in their quit for just this reason.

        Bottom line… we are addicts. We have addictive personalities and tend to go ‘all in’ on stuff. If one thing is taken away we tend to try and fill that void with something else be it booze, food, etc. (for me it was food but booze / beer was a close second).

        Recognizing it is the first step. Fake dip, even at 265+ days in, is a GREAT tool to help keep that beast at bay. It’s a tool at your disposal… USE IT.

      2. I have the same problem. Every time I try to quit I always feels like I must replace dipping with an alternative which many times is alcohol.

      3. No doubt, I am on day 276. I think about dipping every day all day. I gave up my wonderful vice for my 3 boys. I dipped for 25 years and it was amazing. It’s now time to let it go. It’s awful, shitty, terrible to give it up. But the monster is not as aggressive as before. The fucker shows up whenever. Just be prepared to knock it down

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