2014 HOF Speeches

Doc’s HOF Speech – I’m Quit Today!

Doc Chewfree avatarOn February 6th, 2014 I googled “quit chewing”. I think I was expecting to find a magic potion or medication to help me. What I found was KTC and inspiration. I spent an hour or so reading and I think I got it. I know there was a lot I didn’t get but I did get that there wasn’t a magic potion to help me quit. I had to use my will and resolve to conquer this addiction and I didn’t have to have some hidden super power. The ability to quit was in me then. I also got a sense of urgency from the horrific stories I read. At that point I was quit.

Even though I hadn’t touched nicotine since February 6th I didn’t join KTC until 22 days later. It took me some time to realize that I was a part of this brotherhood and could and should participate wherever I saw fit. That is when I really began to quit. By “helping” or commenting on other’s posts I found my quit stronger than I could imagine. Then I really think I began to get it. KTC has giving me something I had been missing for quite some time and helping me quit at the same time. What was that thing you ask


Everyone that has interacted with me in anyway, and many that had nothing to do with me, have all strengthened my quit. I am proud to be a part of this brotherhood and proud to call you brother. My Mayhem brothers will always be close to me. Special shout out to Etxaggie, Srans, Amrmaya, Slug.go & Derek.

To those of you that have gone before, thank your for mentoring, guiding, brow-beating and paving the way. To those I go with, thank you for your brotherhood. To those of you to come later, climb on and hang on… we’ve got your back as long as you are quit.
Doc—I’m quit today!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Doc Chewfree

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