The Top 100 Benefits of Quitting Dip

Top 100 BenefitsLooking for a good reason to quit dipping?  Here’s the top 100!

  1. Less likely to be thought of as someone who might marry their own cousin.
  2. No longer have people wonder if you got a fat lip from runnin’ your mouth.
  3. No more fingers tips that smell like…well you know that smell.
  4. No more goin’ to different convience store so the clerks don’t keep track of how much chew your using.
  5. No more bottles or cans with brown stains running down the sides.
  6. No more weird moments where you can’t spit…but need to, and at that moment someone needs to talk to you so you tilt your head back a little so as not to “spill” your own spit while you try to talk.
  7. No more stinky cans in my truck, that spill over when you are in a hurry.
  8. No more havn’ to tell the clerk, “No not the damn long cut or the fruity what ever…I want the copenhagen regular.”
  9. No more lying to my wife about the 2 hour shit I claimed to have taken
  10. No more watching my kids play on the floor where I just shitdipped half my chew on the way to my mouth
  11. No more inexplicable trips to the store while you’re actually driving to nowhere having a dip
  12. No more poopin’ in public hotel bathrooms because you don’t want the wife to know what you’re doing in your room bathroom
  13. No more panic attacks at airport metal detectors because you can’t remember if you have a can in your coat
  14. Extra $$$ each day for healthy snacks like mint M&M’s by the pound, cheesy poofs and ho ho’s.
  15. Buy a 20 oz bottle of Pop just to dump it out so you will have a spit cup for the road.
  16. Drinking your own spit.
  17. Having your lip be so raw from dipping all day but knowing you need one more before bedtime. That last pain dip of the day.
  18. Wanting to eat something just so you can put a dip in afterwards.
  19. Spilling half a can of fresh dip on the floor and being more mad because you have to go buy another can than cleaning up the floor.
  20. Digging for change all over the house and car to have enough money to buy a can.
  21. Having to go up to a good looking clerk at the store and ask for a can of lip turd.
  22. Waking up in the morning and finding your can of dip dumped on the floor. You left it out the night before in the TV room and your kids decided to play with it the next morning.
  23. Staying up late at night so you can dip by yourself in peace. (Then see # 22).
  24. No more having to go to a 2nd c-store on the way to work because the clerk at the first one was a hot chick/dude
  25. No more having to go to a 2nd c-store on the way to work because you saw someone you knew at the first one.
  26. No more acting tired or making fake excuses wherever you are just so you can leave and stuff your face.
  27. No more scanning the bathroom floor and sink for “black specks” that might give you away.
  28. When you trim your finger nails you don’t have to worry about leaving one thumb nail a little longer anymore.
  29. You don’t have to worry about “peppering” whatever’s in front of you if you unexpectedly sneeze.
  30. Don’t have to clean spilled spitter juice out of the carpet anymore.
  31. No more lectures from the Dentist.
  32. No more quit for a day or 2 before dentist appt., just to dip right after teeth clean
  33. No more wondering if the wife/husband actually believes it takes you 5 minutes to wash your hands after going to the bathroom.
  34. Putting a credit card in your pocket over your can as to hide your can from bulging from your pants.
  35. No more wondering if the dog thinks you’re a dumbass when he gives you that tilted head “what are you doing dumbass?” look.
  36. Don’t have to find excuse to go to bathroom to spit out chew when wife becomes “amorous” while watching TV.
  37. No spit leaking thru those wax-coated McDonald’s cups after a few hours.
  38. Cleaning lady at work not grossed out anymore by emptying your office wastebasket.
  39. No more chew kernels messing up your mouse wheel and keyboard
  40. No more timing the stop lights or stopping a block away from your house so you have time to check your teeth in the mirror and use the pocketknife to remove any grains
  41. No more recycling your dip back into the can because you’re running low and trying to ration every grain
  42. No more throwing in a dip and then discovering that the only spitter you have is the one under your car seat that has been baking in the 100 degree heat for the past month and smells like rotten ass.
  43. No more having your daughter tell someone that daddy does “shoeee”
  44. No more spitting out your chew in the urinal at work, and have it land on the urinal cake so it won’t flush down.
  45. No more questions from wife when she unclogs the bathroom sink, and a 1/2 lb of chew particles come up from the drain trap.
  46. No more spilling 1/2 a can in your lap while driving, and driving the rest of the way home with your ass 2″ above the seat to keep from staining your pants.
  47. No more going to the bathroom sink and looking at the inside of your mouth for 5 minutes to try to find the first cancer spot.
  48. Leaving your can in your pants and having them washed and having your clothes stained. Redo and lose that can.
  49. No more accidently inhaling some fine cut while taking and chew and then chocking on it so hard that you cough and fart at the same time.
  50. No more wiping the fromundacheese from your stank ass fingers onto the carpeting below the seat of your vehicle.
  51. No more putting in your contact lens (while your are out someplace where hand washing is not an option) with your nasty dip fingers of fire !
  52. No more falling asleep with a dip in and getting a dark brown sleep drool stain on your wife’s brand new sheets.
  53. No more swallowing mouthfuls of tobacco juice, because your 70 year old blabbermouth neighbor won’t shut up, and you don’t want to spit in front of her.
  54. No more FAKE declarations about quitting when the price gets up to $3.00, or $4.00, or $5.00, etc…like we could quit if the price got too high.
  55. See # 9, when conducting said clandestine event, no more bad aiming and accidently spitting on your nutsack!
  56. No more looking for the dead mouse in the wall only to discover it’s a nasty ass toon growing fungus behind the computer monitor.
  57. No more embarassment when a client get’s it your car to go to lunch, and you forgot to hide you spit (see through) bottle that is 2/3rd’s full.
  58. No more taking the long way home, slowing down so the traffic light will turn red or stopping in parking lots just to finish that dip.
  59. Your kids want have to tell their friends that thier Dad dips
  60. No more throwing your body backwards when your spit didn’t come out perfect and you have that stringer attached to your bottom lip.
  61. No more having to lie when people ask, “so how much of that shit do you use a day anyway” and we would say, “oh, i dont know, i dont realy keep track of it.”
  62. No exactly a “no more” but, having to wonder about if the little skin flap thinger in your lower lip, will it grow back or not?
  63. No more engaging in a conversation with a non dipper and (being unable to spit or swallow) having your head start leaning back as your mouth gradually fills with brown saliva all while acting interested in the conversation only to launch a gallon of shit behind the nearsest tree after making an emergency departure from said conversation.
  64. No more wondering if your the only dipper out there that wants to quit, but can’t on your own.
  65. No more attending an out of town conference and looking for a “friend” who has that same looking circle, (dip can), in his pocket.
  66. No more “I’m quitting tomorrow so I’m going to make this last can count” marathon chewing sessions
  67. Seeing something like this is a good reminder that someday, i might be able to talk to her.
  68. No more putting dips in your top lip because your bottom lip is too raw.
  69. No more worrying about eating super hot wings because of how it burns the gums when I put a chew in afterwards
  70. No more swallowing chew with your wife around and developing an instantaneous case of the hiccups, which you can’t explain.
  71. No more spitting in water fountains at work or church(boy that is sad) and watching it swirl everywhere except down the drain.
  72. No more whimpin’ out when the stress level rises. No deal with life on lifes terms. Bring it on BEEOTCH.
  73. Meetin’ some pretty cool folks on the net. even though they may be assholes in real life
  74. No more forgetting about your cut finger and pinching a dip. Ouch!
  75. Spilling Cope barnacles on your light colored pants and trying gently to brush them off so they don’t leave stained streaks knowing full well you have never had a successful brush-off before.
  76. Getting frustrated after realizing you accidentally spit in a brand new drink.
  77. Sneezing with a full lip and burning your sinuses with dip barnacles.
  78. No more putting in a fresh dip while driving then realizing you have no where to spit because your spitter is plugged after it sat upside down over night and froze solid.
  79. No more morning breath that smells like dead ass.
  80. No more having to make sure I got enough dip to make through until morning! How fucked up are we?
  81. No more seeing your wife accidentally take a drink out of your spitter, and then have to swallow it like nothing happened because your parents are in the room and you still hide the fact that you dip from them.
  82. No more patting down yourself and checking every pocket to see if you got “it” with you before leaving the house.
  83. No more panic attacks when you suddenly realise you FORGOT your dip.
  84. No more accidenlty spitting in your full beer and saying fuck it and drink it anyways.
  85. No more frantically driving to the gas station to get more chew during the Sunday football games.
  86. No more doing the mad scramble when your supplier (pusher) is out of fix.
  87. No more acting like your not desperate when you dump an handful of change you scraped together on the counter to purchase a tin.
  88. No more, “Daddy, you spittin in that can?”.
  89. No more spending $1549.62/yr for something that can kill me.
  90. No more daily ingestion of carcingoens and/or mutagens (sorry that sounded much funnier in my head
  91. Shit, Shower and Shave in the morning without looking for a place to spit.
  92. No more trashcan diving for a bottle (spitter) that belonged to someone else, not bothering after awhile to wipe their spit off because you’ve done this so many times before anyways.
  93. No more staying WAY much longer than necessary in a porta-potty during a Penn State tailgate party just so you could have a dip (feel free to change school name on an “as needed” basis).
  94. No more nephews coming out of your bedroom after playing hide-n-seek saying “Uncle Dumbass, what’s happened to the coke in this bottle?”
  95. Not having a spitter and being such an addicted FUCKTARD that I throw in a fatty anyway and hold it untill I have a Big Gulps worth of spit and open the car door at a light and spit. Then look up and the hottie in the car next to you is looking at you like what a looser?
  96. Not having a cup in the car,chewing anyway and opening car door at lights to spit.
  97. No more wearing jean shorts instead of the more comfortable Nike workouts shorts because they don’t have a pocket for my tin.
  98. Dumbing your spit cup out of your car as you are driving and having the spit sauce blow back up on your car.
  99. NO MORE ‘tongue removal of dip’ while pissing and having it bounce off the toilet seat and land on the floor…and then pieces of the wad roll behind the toilet.
  100. No more chewin’, period!


  1. No more spitting out the window and spraying the person in your back seat. No more searching for places to spit in public, esp grocery stores.

    1. Beau- several times in my life my wadd was taken out and placed behind random items on shelves in grocery stores just because I couldn’t hold it in anymore and had nowhere to spit. Only to eventually spit on my hand and then wipe it on my pants or something somewhere. I just decided (for about the 1000th time today) to quit. I have an ulcer in my mouth by my gums on the side I almost never dip on that’s been there a couple days now, but I can’t help but think what if it is cancer? What if I don’t get to see my daughter grow up? If it goes away will I start again? Chances are it probably isn’t because it seems to be going away already but that scare HAS to be enough this time. Today was the first time I said aloud and confirmed that I swear on my daughters life I will NEVER Put that shit in my mouth again. It is controlling my life like never before and I finally have the life I set out for. I’m not gonna sit back and watch the devil dip take it all away from me slowly. I’m a man of God and I don’t believe the devil put that mouth sore there I 100% believe that God did. He wanted to warn me and give me a chance to save myself. The devil doesn’t want there to be warning signs. He wants you to think everything is fine while he sinks his hooks in deeper. He’s got them in my hardcore, but this time actually is different it’s not just lip service. I am done and I pray for the rest of you guys that you truly are too. God bless.

    2. When I enter a public space I obsessively look for a trash can just in case I have to spit. I have lied to my whole family. They all think I have quit. I chew in the bathroom. I am on day one. My pay check comes tonight. All I am thinking about is chewing.

  2. I’ve been reading a lot of this site, I really dig this. I haven’t quit, but I understand how desperately I need to. I have horrible willpower, but I managed to quit smoking. I “used” dip as a crutch, only to swap addictions. I think I’m going to bookmark this site. Wish me luck?

        1. chewie i dipped for 9 years ive been quit for 31 days i went to the dentist for the first time since i started right after i quit he gave me the all clear and i went to an ent and he gave me an oral cancer screening and told me i was good but i still have a rough spot where i use to put it bad should i be worried

          1. I’m about the biggest hypochondriac you’ll ever run across. That said, you’ve taken the right steps. If both your dentist and your ENT are telling you you’re clear, I think you’re pretty safe to assume that you’re good to go. It’ll take some time for your mouth to truly heal, but you’re well on the right path my man!

          1. Good on you, Josh. I am on day 2 of quitting as I write this. I am quitting because of my 4 month old little girl. I went to a periodontist and was almost a little surprised when he said “I don’t see anything here to really worry about,” mainly because my lip looked and felt like hell. Anyway, here’s to no longer being a slave to something that gives no value to our lives!!

  3. I can relate to quiet a bit of these makes you realize your not alone.Just ordered some of the hooch tonight. Just decided to quit after reading a lot on this site. I started while hunting when i was 14 from a friend wish i had said no. Im 18 now, and being able to buy it has made me realize that it makes your life create a routine around it. Ill be visiting this site daily it looks like a lot of useful support.

    1. I said the same thing I’ve been doing it since i was 16 and let me tell ya now I’m wishing i had never done it yeah i had fun doing it and thought i was unbeatable but there are a lot of benefits to not do it as well

    2. I started dipping when i was about your age, and when you get a job and you go to college and you start to realize how much this substance controls you and harms you, you will realize this shit fucking sucks. don’t be stubborn and ignorant.

  4. 24 years a slave, hooked at 11 kicked it at 35. 2012 new years resolution, cold turkey, 3plus years now, bought a can today, thank goodness I found this site. Can’t bring myself to open the can, still sealed. They say it gets easier, the perverbial “They” are wrong, 3 yrs, I still think of it daily. Trying to stay strong, keep strugling.

    1. Congrats on staying strong Nathan – have you been going it alone these last 3 years or do you have support? Don’t go back my man… no reason to throw away all those days of freedom!

    2. Praying for you Nathan,you can do this, you’ve come to far to take orders from a can. Or that voice that’s says ‘you need it’, its a lie! Press on!

  5. Alright gentlemen I’m on day 3 of quitting chew after 7 years chewing about a can a day. I’m reading all these posts and all the people supporting each other and its awesome. But kind of sad, no offense but if I didn’t have a stronger mind some of the people on here would make me want to keep chewing. Like at day 290 and still fighting the urges, it kinda sounds to me that quitting chewing is making certain people way to upset that their new addiction is craving a chew. But anyways I would appreciate some advice either way like I said I’m in day 3 my head hurts, I’m dizzy and really tired but I have no desire to chew. Like I have caught my self reaching for my can as if it where in my pocket sometimes but that’s just habit. I have no desire to chew I simply just want to get away from feeling like shit. Is this normal? Or am I going to relapse hard core or maybe I am just really sure of my decision so it makes this easier. See I smoke and chewed for 7 years so I imagined this to be harder but like I said I’m just hoping that I am just so sure of my decision that it became easy to quit idk. Good luck everyone with quitting!

    1. Terry – on one hand, I completely get what you’re saying. Seeing folks struggling 100’s of days down the line can be a bummer. On the other hand, reading what you’re going to be experiencing BEFORE you experience it is an incredibly powerful tool as it let’s you know what to expect.

      I’ll tell you this… those guys that are “struggling” at day 290 or so aren’t experiencing the same sort of thing you are on day 2. They’re having a bad day now and then, but it’s nothing like the intensity of an early day of quit. As you move fowward in your quit, the craves will become less and less intense and further and further apart. I promise.

      As for advice… take it one day at a time. It’s good to know what’s coming but worry about TODAY. Deal with tomorrow when you get there. This article may be helpful for you too:

      Dealing With Craves & The Concept Of Forever

      1. I wish that this site was around 6 years ago when I finally kicked the habit. I started in college, and dipped for over 15 years. I started for the stupidest reason ever—one of my redneck fraternity brothers had a pouch of Levi Garrett sitting on his coffee table, and I ripped off a big wad of ‘chaw and stuffed it into my mouth to make fun of him. I was so proud to be a non-smoker, but turned into an instant junkie the first time I got that nicotine rush (you never get it again after the first week or so) Someone posted a link on a buddy’s FB page when he mentioned that he was quitting, and I had to take a look. I made a similar list to this one around that time.

        I will offer a couple of observations/tips.

        Don’t use the gum. You’re trading one oral fixation for another. I used the patches during each of my more successful attempts. I never needed them for the full 3 months that they recommend, and i’d usually use them for 3-4 weeks, and then get sick of them…finding a hairless place to stick them was tough.

        Don’t quit when you’re on vacation. Quit on the day you have to go back to work. plan your date in advance, and dip so much that you get sick of it right up to that date (or scale it back…up to you. Just honor the date.

        Also, most importantly, quitting’s not the hard part. The hard part is not making an excuse to start again. I finally realized that each of the times that I would fall off the wagon, I had to get used to dipping again. That first dip isn’t as special as you imagined, and the only reason that you fall back into the habit is that you don’t want to waste the rest of the can. I’ve never smoked, but a friend that quit smoking around the same time I quit dipping said the same thing…you have to learn to smoke again, and it usually takes a week.

        It’s cliche but true when I say that if I can quit, so can you, I conservatively estimate that I’ve saved almost 10 grand since quitting, and I really enjoy being able to go out to the bar without hiding a bottle under the table so the waitress won’t come pick it up. Good luck!

  6. Why quit? I like dipping. I don’t understand why you’d wanna quit unless its giving you major health concerns. As far as hot girls go i don’t give a shit if they think I’m gross for dipping.

  7. I’ve found that i have to battle the triggers more than anything. The smell of coffee in the morning is a tough one. I chewed for about 10 years and decided to quit one day after talking to a friend about being around for our children. I don’t like hiding my spitter from my kids. I don’t like that I spend more money on an addiction than I do saving for their college. I’m motivated by pride. I’ve found that nicotine lozenges help. They are not the same obviously, but you can pop them in and forget about them pretty easily. Take 2 if you need to. Take 2 and put in some of that fake chew. Whatever it takes. Never go in gas stations.
    To Dawn and Chase who posted a long time ago: Understand it’s a struggle. Your man will not be forced into quitting. Threats and scare tactics are the worst in a relationship. He has to decide to quit on his own, but you can help him. Be positive, and supportive. Help him realize he is making progress. My Wife looks at me like i’m doing great things when i talk to her about quitting. Be anchor it truly helps

  8. Gotta mention the one where the wife goes to bed and she wants me to follow suit, but instead I say “I will be up in a few minutes just so I can actually chew for a couple of hours.” Happens regularly. Pretty devastating to a marriage. Pretty sad.

  9. Who tf would just poor out good soda?? I always slam it down then spit in it.
    It actually makes for a better dip cause you don’t get dry mouth. Or really stringy spit.

  10. Those that love it- will either quit or not. If you know you will never quit- go away.

    This list is my favorite blog post and most to these are so crazy true and now so hilarious and quite embarrassing.

    1. Bless yo’ heart. CaMoron – bangin’ your sister is common in the south too but it does not mean I should aspire to it.

      Jokes aside- good luck in your journey.

  11. Lol! I can relate with about all these except for 10-15 of them or so. The only thing really getting me to begin to quit is the possibility of cancer and damage to your teeth, instead of most of these. But regardless of your reason, good luck to everyone.

  12. I’ve been dipping for over 3 years now, and have yet to become addicted. It’s a nice treat, and tbh, the only tobacco product that I actually enjoy. I dipped every few days back in 2011, and eventually I just got bored of it, but lately I’ve been putting in a dip every few days while I play videogames or whatever, and a can lasts me a month or even more. I understand dip can be really bad, but this entire article is written from the perspectives of a truly desperate addict. Not all people who dip are like that… I’ve never had to scrap up change for a can. If I don’t have the money on me, I’ll just wait til I get a few dollars and pick one up another day. No biggie. I just feel that it’s alright in moderation, as with everything else on this planet.

    1. Thanks for your insite Bryson – though I hate to break it to you… you’re addicted. Are you “as” addicted as author of these? Perhaps not. But make no mistake… you’re an addict.

      1. Ehhh, I would like to argue that. I don’t really see somebody who dips a few times a month and even forgets that it exists for periods of time as an addict. I picked up a can of skoal sometime before I originally posted on here, probably early August, and you know what, I still have that same can of skoal with about 3/4 still in it. Just because you eat cake sometimes does that make you an addict to cake? Use some logic…

        1. You do realize that this site is for addicts that want to quit? That’s who wrote this and that’s the intended audience. Now you sound like you aren’t an addict*, which is fine; but that means this article isn’t for you so why even comment on it.

          *it’s unlikely that someone who wasn’t previously thinking about quitting found this site so my hunch is that you actually are addicted (if just in the early stages) or a weirdo. There’s hope for addicts

  13. Think chew is your Friend?
    Think again
    Chew wants to own you
    Friends don’t do that.

    Remembering this was how I quit.

  14. I quit smoking in May of this year. I was one of those guys who smoked and dipped but most people, besides close friends, only knew me as a smoker. Well I quit both, cold turkey, for a whole month until i threw one in one day golfin. I have been dippin’ just under a can a day since. Sucks because I get super stressed without it but I really need to quit. Just sick of hiding it and having a gross as habit.

  15. I personally like my snuff. And quitting would be a real bitch for me if I wanted to because I live with three others that dip. Its not even the nicotine that gets me. Its the habit of having a pinch in my lip. I tried the gum and the patch. At the same time. And I was still craving the pinch itself , not the nicotine.

    1. Magnificent… not sure (based on your note) if you want to quit or not. But if you do want to quit and it’s just the “act” of dipping that your craving, there are a SLEW of products out there that will allow you to continue “dipping” but not keep your addiction going. All of these products contain no tobacco and no nicotine but they’ll allow you to continue being a dipper.

  16. Could someone please help our family…. Husband went back to chewing tobacco after quitting for ten years, he used for 20 prior to quitting. I his wife with his 7 year old son have tried everything to get him to quit but to no avail. He is killing himself right in front of us & he doesnt care. His use of the stuff is up to chronic proportions, came down the stairs the other day after putting our son to sleep, found my husband sound asleep on the couch, spitoon cup flipped upside down on his stomach, saliva refuse pooled on the floor & I can only assume he swallowed the wad that was in his mouth, he had been sleeping for hours that way. I use to smoke cigarettes, chain smoked menthol cigs with a cough crop in my mouth, finally quit because I had a constant cough that would not go away, I went cold turkey because I wanted my beautiful son to have a mother in his life for as long as possible……. I get the addiction it is horrible & I understand their will always be a reason to smoke or chew but please could someone share testimony as to why my husband should quit & quit now!!!!!!! He is a good guy, a great husband & father who is just not willing to listen to the truth, he just doesn’t seem to care. I saw this leave a reply & would love to hear from those who have been tortured by this demon. I hope to hear stories of encouragemnet but I am sure their will be many that want to gloat in just how much you love the “Chew” poison & want to be left alone to do it as you please.

    Just a wife & son who want to save the man they love most in this life.

  17. I’ve been dippin for 30 years, amazing to realize its been that long. Quit 4 days ago cold turkey, actually was easier than I was expecting, just had enough of the life of a dipper and made up my mind I was done, you have to make up your mind that your done and have to “want” to quit cold turkey. To tell you the truth what really got my attention was the death of Tony Gwynn at 54 from mouth cancer, I’ll be 50 next month, hit close to home. Anyway, I hope everyone quits, you can do it.

  18. Nearly all of these don’t apply to me seeing as I use a mud jug, don’t have carpet, don’t care who knows and I don’t have a wife and children. The only important thing is that you quit because you chose to. I’ve switched to dip over smoking, while it’s still bad dip effects me waaaay less than smoking and I use less and find it easier to quit. I’m in the process of lessening my intake and think I’m ready to quit to be honest. I just don’t like smoking anymore unless it’s like a car meet or something. I’m glad you quit man and I know I can do the same if I try hard enough. My brother dipped for about 20 years non stop and he just quit. Good job man.

  19. I have chewed for 31 years,and there is nothing more in the world I wish to do is to quit.It has been an anchor around my life for so long,it literally scares me greatly to not have what I would consider my most constant stable in life out of arms reach. I did quit in 1997 for ten days. It was a miserable time,for myself and anyone within earshot. I was a prick of galactic measures and went through all the dt,s that were equally horrible.Like anything in life that we enjoy,there is always a huge downside.For my health,my sanity,and my family,please wish me luck in trying to quit again.

  20. OK Thank you! It really helped me reading this and getting some feedback since I don’t know much about it!

  21. Tomorrow will be 3 weeks. Chewing so much gum I bit a hole in my tongue. I was so addicted I would hurry through morning sex just to have that first dip of the day. Pathetic.

    1. Is it normal for my husband to be very grumpy and irritated without chew? I want him to quit but every time he tried he acts like a moody little girl!

  22. Or that moment when you’re so desperate for a chew you look at your Spitter you inserted your finished lip into and think about fishing the tobacco out to try & re-chew.. LMAO

  23. I actually wanted to quit a lot more before visiting this site. Most of these “benefits” don’t really apply to me. My girlfriend knows I dip/chew, my parents know, my boss knows, even my officers and NCO’s from my time in the Corps knew. None of them attempted to offend me to get me to quit nor do they honestly care. If you want to help people quit, you need to change your approach and stop trying to offend people.

    1. I think you missed the point if this list Cale – it’s not meant to offend. It’s meant to point out how silly killing yourself with these products is. Not only are you killing yourself when you use them, but you deal with THESE things as well. All the more reason to be a quitter (in our humble opinions).

      1. Chewie, the list of 100 sounds like an arrogant, ignorant, and totally uneducated ass wrote it. Cale is right.

  24. Try the jerky chew, it packs in your lip like chew and tastes pretty good, and once your done…you got jerky in your mouth, helps with fishing and work anyway

  25. One day free ordered Jakes mint chew today, anyone ever tried it or have a preference for alternatives. Have tried seeds, gum and about everything else. Hope this stuff helps, the headaches suck.

          1. To be fair… dipping is fucking gross regardless of who does it. That said, when I was using I didn’t think so. I loved it. That’s why it was so damned difficult to quit.

            Feel free to leave your sexism & ignorance at home.

          2. Chewie Your a Smart guy obviously!!! Chewing is gross for a guy or a girl, but AUSTIN not so smart!! We are here to help each other with the realities of our addiction not bang each other for gender!!!

  26. I QUIT, COLD TURKEY, just last night! Never actually gone through with quitting before, just because I never wanted to. But now, I have all the reasons in the world. The hardest thing is I am a welder, so being around all the guys in the shop who dip because we can’t smoke :(. And for the love of all things good, WHEN WILL THESE HEADACHES STOP??????

  27. New to this website (phenomenal by the way) and new to quitting…. Shit like this will make it easier and its fucking funny as shit! I can identify with all 100…. Good to know I’m not alone…… Best

  28. I’m 9 days, 4 hours into my journey to quit a can a day habit. Cold turkey. Been a long, grueling week full of ‘The Fog’. Had a 5 day straight headache. Was angry, grumpy, irritable, couldn’t sleep right (several of the last few nights have been 1 hour – 2 hour nights). I loved the post above – “No more jumping back real quick when you have that string of spit hanging off your lip so you don’t get it on yoru clothes” hahahahahahaha.

    I’ve still got some work in front of me but working hard at staying that way. Hardest moment: I drive limos/party buses as Secondary income. I ran thru a bus on day 4: dropped my folks off at a bar and they’re inside, I ran thru the bus with a trash bag to give it a quick ‘spiff up’. Some dude left his can of Grizzly (my brand), Pouches (for wusses, I liked longcut), Straight (My Flavor)!!!!!!!. It was midnight, I’m not sleeping right, I’m tired and grumpy, and I’m by myself in bus with a 3/4 full can in my hand (picked it up thinking it was empty was gonna throw it away like the empty beer cans). I THREW HIS CAN AWAY! I had to do it -wasn’t fair to him, but I knew if I put it back down I’d be back there in 5 minutes throwing in a lipper. I don’t know how I did it, throwing away something i (thought that) I wanted SOOOO BAD! That was my defining moment of the week. That was the moment I was strong enough to say F it, I’m going to kick it.

    Anyway – thanks to all of you out there on this site. Been here everyday for 9 days!

    1. Good to hear Bull. Keep positive. The quit will be well worth it. I’m at day 40 and the cravings are still there, but I’m learning to deal with them better.


  29. I was a decade+ dipper. I’m 34, and I’ve been clean for 3 months today!! This list was great! I can relate to them all minus the kids stuff. Feels good not dipping, good luck to everyone fighting the battle! It’s gets better after a few weeks.

  30. Because when my sweet man smiles at me out on a sunny day I notice all the ugly brown stains on his beautiful teeth and he doesn’t even know. It makes me sad.

  31. I dipped for 15 yrs straight and quit Nov.20 of this year. Cold turkey. Best feeling ever. Sadly tho, I cried laughing at these “facts” cuz theyre all true yet i thought it only happened to me. Sac Up and quit!!! Good luck to you all…

    1. Right on Mary! I love to kiss my husband and it’s a big turn on, but we never get to kiss because his mouth is always full of shit! It really bums me out! He would get laid a lot more often if he quit!

  32. Looks like you need a knew wife that accepts you for you instead of hiding shit oh and if you would get a mudjug half if your problems will magically disappear dude your reasoning sucks

      1. He has a point your wife and kids should not be the make or break factor in quitting it should be so that you have peace of mind and a clean conscience… This man realizes chew has risks that is why he is on the site however some may view the comfort chew provides a better alternative than leading a full life… I know I’d rather lead a stress free life than a long stressful one… The slanderous remarks you made in retaliation to this man make me wanna never come to this site again

        1. ^^^Agree with what Jacob said. Your supposed to make quitting look appealing. If people think quitting is going to turn them into the total douchdbag that you are, nobody will quit. Fucking tool.

  33. I’m hooked and I know it. Quit cigs 6 years ago and dipped for the first time a few months ago on a business trip. I swore Id never ride the nicodragon again. I’m a fn moron. I gotta get off this junk!

  34. Wake up every morning telling yourself I’m quitting then as soon as you see the store you buy chew stopping and getting a can.

    1. Haha I agree I have quit for nearly 90 days and reading this gave me one of my biggest cravings I’ve had in a while. These are all the little things that went along with dipping and made me love it. So relatable

  35. You left out the biggest one! When you quit you should experince peace of mind and a greater ability to focus. Should feel a lot cleaner too.

    1. Wow! Minus the kids everyone applied to me. I HAVE SUCCESSFULLY QUIT FOR 3 MONTHS TODAY!!!!! I was a decade dipper. dentist scared me straight. This list was great!

      1. I will tell you that, I have dipped for 30 years and I have given it up for two weeks now. It has been one of the hardest things that I have ever done. I am telling you that if I can quit anyone can. I felt like I lost my best friend. Just wish I had never started and wish I had all the money that I spent. Stop now and stay that way believe me, you will be better off.

        1. It’s funny that you used that analogy. That is the exact same way that I felt. It’s like losing your best friend. He’s been there with me since I was 15 years old. For 20 years we went through life’s ups and downs. Marriage, kids, jobs he was always there for me to lean on. But on May 17, 2014, one week after my 35th birthday, he died. It has been a rough road, but I know that he had to die, so that I could live. Good luck to everyone trying to quit. Trust me, IF I CAN DO IT, YOU CAN TOO!!!

          1. That’s damned well poetically written. “My Best friend Died so I could live” sounds heroic don’t it?

        2. update, well its been 5 and 1/2 months, since I quit. I still want a dip, but not that often. When I get the urge , it comes and then its gone. I probably get it a least once a day. I don’t think about snuff, like I did at the beginning. Never thought that I could go without the snuff, but I can and so can you if you want too. You have to want too.

      1. Guys we can all make it. Today I start my fourth week and I feel the fresh air I have been missing. I wake up feeling stronger, people don’t have to cover their noses when I have to speak to them closely. I feel good. My only problem is the nicotine gum I have been using. Immediately after eating the urge to dip comes up so high and until i chew a 4mg gum, I won’t feel fine. I have been using it for almost ten years. I think one of the ways to help one quit is to travel far and stay until you quit. I traveled from my home country Ghana to the US to study in August. The brands of chew tobacco here is not like the one I used so many years ago. It is also more expensive and I think I am wasting money. I decided to quit on my 2016 birthday 1st October and so far so good. Let us all encourage ourselves for better health.
        Can anyone suggest to me how to whiten teeth back, I’m getting embarrassed when i smile in the mirror

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