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HOF Bommer44 – Old Dogs and New Tricks

How Long Will I Think About Dip?It was late January when I walked out of a meeting and a friend approached me and said they quit chewing. I said good for you and I wish I could do the same. After 42 years of chewing in one form or another I thought I was too old to change. He said that he found a website that had a bunch of hard ass guys and even some women who post role every day and support each other. Gave me the KTC link and I signed up that morning and was hooked.

Approaching 52 years old this fall I thought I was going to die painfully with a dip of Copenhagen in my mouth. I mastered the art of Ninja Dipping so well that very few new that I chewed. I could eat, sleep and drink with it in and without having to spit. What a concept…Swallow the shit…that won’t cause any internal problems. Went cold turkey as suggested and gutted it out reading and posting daily almost obsessively. The fog was something I never experienced ever before even when I gave up drinking 2 years ago. It was awful and my addiction/compulsiveness began to shift to food especially sugary stuff.

Amazing how addictive behavior can shift from one evil to another! Things have begun to settle down but only from the help of the chat rooms, forums and keeping engaged with the May Masters. I never thought I could accomplish giving up Nicotine at my age but even old dogs can learn new tricks. It all begins with Acceptance, Honesty, and Willingness. By the Grace of God and the fellowship and support within this Website I am nicotine free….just for today!

Thanks, Bommer44

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Bommer44

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6 years ago

Dear reliable and consistent quit brother RIP bommer

6 years ago

RIP Bommer!

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