2016 HOF Speeches

HOF Roonaa – at Day 100 and Counting

KTC Why Are We HereThe decision to join KTC is not one that I made by choice.

Late spring 2016 I noticed a strange growth on my gums and made a quick visit to my dentist. She pulled no punches and made a huge fuss and requested a visit to oral surgeon right away.

That is when I got a taste of reality of what Kodiak had done to my gums and cheek.

There was no sign of cancer, but he suggested immediate stop to using nicotine. He has seen me twice since then and still waiting for certain issues to heal themselves without surgery. I have another appointment with him in 3 months. So I started looking into ways to make it less painful. That is how I came across KTC. I read lots of materials which made the long days go by faster and that alone helped so much. I finally learned how to post roll and if it wasn’t for a FLLIPOUT and Edward I would have never figured it out. Thanks guys. Encounters with you guys were much more pleasant and I appreciate it.

KTC gave me hope and made it so much less painful. I remember one night that first week I had joined I had the chance to chew and just because of the story of Jenny and Tom and out of respect to them I did not cave. I am not sure who happens next, but I can’t ignore the huge role KTC played in my quit so far.
For the new guys who are thinking about quitting chewing tobacco. Do it before you have to. There is no such thing as free lunch in this world. You can only get away with it for so long before it catches up with you. Save yourself the pain and quit now.

It is the biggest step in your health. Tobacco may seem like a solution, but it is actually a problem. I read on this site from someone (can’t remember who) any problems plus tobacco makes it 2 problems. Well said.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member roonaa

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