2017 HOF Speeches

HOF Speech – Not a Cure But a Small Promise

econnor avatarMy name is Eric and I am a 100 day quitter because I chose to be One Day At A Time. I went from 3 cans a day to no cans a day and it is all because of the accountability within these walls. There are some truly special people located here that will forever be tied to a single goal of just quit for today. It is amazing how you feel so alone and that you are the only one going through something until you see that your brothers are dealing with the same or worse. I appreciate all of the love and support from people I have never even met. To my friends BrianG and Miker you guys have been awesome. To the rest of my 17′ New Years quitters lets continue to break the mold that new years resolutions don’t work or stick…”Mine was not a new years resolution, just wanted an even number to start on!” And to the rest of you 2017 April Fools we will forever be linked by our promise to each other that we will fight for one more day…

Thank you to my family…who will probably never see this… I quit for myself first and foremost..In turn I quit for you Emily, My children Mason, Evelyn and Morgan…These strangers have helped given your daddy one day longer with you that wont be taken away due to a self consuming addiction.

Thank you all for allowing me to “come and take it” drink the juice and all of the other things we as successful quitters do.

Lastly 100 days is not a cure but a small promise that I have the will power to quit ODAAT that will get me to 1,000 days and beyond!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member econnor

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