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Airborne’s Hall of Fame – Thanks to All

Airborne's Hall of Fame - Thanks to AllLet’s see, 100 days ago (Jan 2nd, 2017 @ 07:30) I was sitting in a deer stand and ran out of chew and got pissed and said “Fuck this shit”. The whole morning was filled with anxiety because I had my last dip in, should have been on enjoying myself. I wouldn’t be able to refill for about 5 hours. The more I thought about it the more the dependency pissed me off. The drive home was hard because of all the gas stations and convenience stores I passed, but I was still pretty pissed about the whole thing. The first days were a blur; I couldn’t tell you what I did or how the drive home was. I was in a total fog for about a month. The jitters were crazy, and what I did to was divert all my attention to eating like a wild man. Put on around 20-25 lbs since last year at this time, so now I’m going to put the same energy into getting those pounds off.

I’m sitting here thinking about money. We have 61 guys who are going to make 100 days. I’d assume we would all be doing about a can a day so that’s 61 * $5 = $305/day, which equates to about $111,325/year the tobacco company, state and US government will be shy. That’s just our little group. Personally I really don’t think anybody wants us to quit, there’s a bit of money being lost. The whole Under Dog thing may have some merit.

Since I was a ninja dipper, I also was a ninja quitter. Was that easy or hard? Don’t know maybe I had an advantage as it not being a topic every evening and weekend, or maybe that was a disadvantage. Not really sure, but I got here anyway.

I do not think I would have gotten here without the aid of KTC, and my quit group April 2017. You can’t go around screaming at the people around you, but you sure can go off on some crazy people in our quit group. My favorite past time when I could do nothing but think about dipping was get on the site drop a few “F” bombs then go back to work, it was almost therapeutic. I would get so pissed at some April 2016 guy getting on and saying shit. I have no idea why that pissed me off so much, but it did. I’d just look at the “Born on Date” below the Avatar, if he wasn’t in our group I’d mumble to myself… “That mother fucker!”, chicks got a free pass, they can do what they want. Better getting mad at some electrons than buying another can of SKOAL.

Just got a text from Samsr and BadDad for 91 and 98 days, I love that shit! (I’m writing on day 99). Sam always has some sort a saying with his day quit.

I’m sitting here thinking about Medic268 posting roll on March, May, or where ever he could stumble on in the hay day of the FOG! That shit was funny!
That crazy fucker Prescott, he disappeared over a month ago. My guess is he’s driving around with a body in the trunk of his car about now.

I think the group needs to offer a special thanks to Batdad, BrianG, Samsr, Skidwilly, Kitkat, Weedsta, bigben47, njohns23, and pab1964. I feel these guys went the extra mile getting us to day 100, many thanks to all of you. These were the main dudes who posted the most and got our shit sorted out for roll call. Of course we tons of support from other quit groups members, even April 2016. Not that the others didn’t play a roll, what would these hall monitors have done all day when many of you would drag your dicks through the dirt waiting to post until after dinner. These guys lived for that shit!

I find the whole hard ass line this group seems to portray really entertaining, especially when some fucking pansy gets on and gets his feelings hurt. I don’t remember exactly which one of you posted the “This aggression will not stand, man”, wholly shit a laughed all day long at that one (Big Lebowski if you don’t know, if you haven’t seen it you ought to). You don’t have to yell at me just because you spent hours on the phone, text, IM, or e-mailing me, then I randomly fucking cave. Poor RichardC RIP Bitch, I actually sent him a text saying good job getting back into the quit, then the fucker disappears, I knock the dust off my sandals.

It’s been written about already a few times. It amazes me how getting on here and posting “I will not use tobacco on this day X”, actually works. I stumbled on this web site and signed up, I think it took me two or three days to even figure out how to post roll. Then some cheese dick throwing an acronym after acronym at me, I just wanted to poke somebody in the eye with a sharp stick. OK so I somehow finally figure out enough to post roll (control C, control V, control stick a fork up your ass), and the crew decides to change everything up, nice! Funny now, not then ;-). I digress, somehow the thought of telling these guys I won’t dip today was always in the back of my mind. I’d plan shit out so there wouldn’t be any dip around when I drink, just so I would have to take the walk of shame!

Anyway I owe a debt of gratitude getting to day 100 nicotine free to www.KillTheCan.org and my April 2017 quit group, thank you! I will not use nicotine on this day 100!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Airborne

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