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HOLY QUITSo, Ill start off by telling you all a little about myself and my battle with dip… When I was in 8th grade I started wrestling. This meant I also started dipping. I was willing to do anything to lose a little weight as I had to drop from 155 to 125 within about two months. One of my teammates told me that I could lose weight by spitting into a bottle. I started spitting in a bottle, but soon enough the spit stopped flowing. “How do I continue to lose weight if I cant spit,” I thought. The answer to that question was kept in a little round can labeled, “Copenhagen.” The same teammate told me that if I put this in my mouth, it would make me spit again. This is where it all began.

I never thought I was addicted to dip. I used to tell all of my buddies that I could quit at any time. This was true, however I never quit tobacco, I just traded the dip for cigarettes. Anyways, during high school I tried quitting a few times and never got too far along. I would quit for a month or two and then start again. Along came college.

I decided to go to the United States Naval Academy. Some of you are now thinking, “Oh shit, not another name dropping Academy punk.” But I needed to throw that in there to lead into the rest of the story. Anyways, the Academy is a very stressful environment. Wake up at 0630 and go to sleep after studying at about 0200 everyday of the week other than the weekends. I was taking on average around 21 credits per semester and only allowed to go off campus on Fridays and Saturdays. You can probably see how stressful that would be. Well needless to say, the stress made me turn to dip as a crutch. I was chewing at least a can a day during these four years.

I tried to quit a few more times using any method possible. I went to the doctor and found out that the Navy has a program to help people quit tobacco. This program includes patches, gum, and Wellbutrin, so I thought for sure this would work beings I would be taking medication to help with the withdraw. I started this process with the promise that I’d get my teeth whitened for free if I could stay quit for 6 months. I stayed quit for about a week before begging my friend for “Just one dip man.” We all know one leads to two and two leads to buying a can. I was hooked again.

On the ninth of December, 2008 I was determined to quit for one last time. I got on the internet and searched for a support site and stumbled upon KTC. I took a look around and decided to give it a try under the name of skippy_shoes09. This shit was working. I was impressed with how long I could stay quit and still live a normal life in college. All I had to do was bitch at people in the chat room to relieve all my tension. I posted roll every morning and promised myself and all my quit brothers/sisters that I would stay quit for that day. This was really working. I was finally getting out of the funk and thinking clearly, or so I thought, around day 40. This also coincided with Thanksgiving leave.

I went to South Carolina to visit my Aunt for the week. She lived deep in the woods and didn’t have internet. I thought I would be ok. I wasn’t. I failed to get any phone numbers from any of my brothers/sisters. I was a dumbass. The night of Thanksgiving I stood in front of the campfire and took a dip from my Dad. “Just one dip,” I thought. One lead to two and two lead to buying a can. I was pissed, disappointed, and worst off guilty for lying to my brothers/sisters. That one dip lead to many more.

I graduated college and moved onto flight school. In Pensacola, I had a few months off to do some soul searching. I knew that I could quit again if I used KTC, posted roll everyday, and got some phone numbers for accountability. I signed up again this time using the name skippyshoes.

The first day on, I went into the chat room. Low and behold that same old crusty slut Kd4jet was in there. He knew me from the first time using KTC. Regardless, he started bitching hardcore. Calling me a pussy and telling me that I was a failure. That shit got me in the game. I needed those words of support. From that day foreword, be it a good day or a bad day, I had to stay quit. I didn’t want Kd’s words to be true. So thanks you old homo.

Other people I’d like to thank are all my quit brothers/sisters. Namely, Snowboredm, Coolcop, and Hal. You guys were always there for encouragement. You three took the nice guy route and it worked for me. Thank you. SamCat, you were like the December cheerleader. Every time I was in chat you were very peppy and encouraging. Thank you too. Finally, Gump. I just like your glamorshots avatar. I’d also like to thank my girlfriend for bitching at me for leaving spit bottles in my car. She’s the one that brought the disgustingness to my attention.

In closing, I want you all to know that, even though I didn’t mention your name, you all helped in some way and I am very grateful for that. I will be sticking around for your support as well as to provide support to others. I know its going to be a while before I can do this on my own. Thanks again everyone. GO NAVY!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member skippyshoes

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