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Hooch Wintergreen

Chattahoochee Herbal Snuff

This product review is long overdue.  I was introduced to Hooch Snuff (also known as Chattahoochee Herbal Snuff) about 60-70 days into my quit.  I’ve often said that this was my personal favorite fake dip and that I thought it was the closest on the market to the real thing.  I realized that while I’ve been saying that I’d never actually done a review.  Time to remedy that situation.

Initial Impressions

The cans that I received were plastic.  I’ve had metal tins in the past so this surprised me.  After reviewing the site it appears that the steel tins are now offered at a premium ($0.35 per tin).  Not something that I’d personally pay for, but certainly priced right (and reasonably) if you’d like the steel tin version.

Wintergreen – I started with this one cause I was a wintergreen guy.  I absolutely love this stuff!  There’s nothing that’s really quite like my Kodiak, but this is definitely the closest the market has to offer.  It has a nice burn to it that reminds me of the real stuff.  It’s been 5+ years since I’ve had a real dip so I can’t quite remember which brand this is closest to, but if my memory serves me correctly I’m thinking either Skoal Wintergreen or Silver Creek.  I’ve said it before and I’ll repeat it upon this test…  I’m not taking away anything from other brands, but this is hands down THE best wintergreen substitute on the market.

Cherry – While I was Kodiak Wintergreen guy for the majority of my dipping “career”, I did have a 2-3 year period where I chewed Cherry Skoal almost exclusively.  This is is spot on right down to the shiver.  I’m not sure if it was just my can, but this flavor seemed to be a bit less moist the the wintergreen that I’d tried previously.  Product kept the burn until I took it out, though the cherry flavoring had subsided a bit (no surprise).

Mint – This is another outstanding flavor.  Right from opening the can you get a tremendous minty smell.  I don’t really have a ton to say when it comes to these flavors.  If you’re looking for something that’s really close to the real thing, this is it.  This one is Skoal Mint perfection.

Whiskey – I was very much looking forward to this one.  I’ve had Hooch in the past, though this particular flavor was new to me.  I popped it in and got a nice “sweet” flavor right away.  Kind of reminded me of what I remember Redman Golden Blend tasting like.  All of these flavors have a bit of cayenne to provide the “burn” and in this one it really sticks out.  Not that it’s too hot but it just seems to stand out against the sweetness of the whiskey.  I used to mix two of my favorites (Jack Daniels and Wintergreen Kodiak) so this was an interesting callback.  Good flavor here.

Classic – Good “sweet” tobacco flavor.  Still has a bit of the burn coming through which I don’t necessary think should be there with this flavor.  The smell on my fingers (no jokes here please…) is DEAD ON for Cope or Skoal Straight (though the flavor is a bit too sweet).  The closest thing I can equate this one to would be long cut Cope which I always thought was a big sweeter than the fine cut.  This also kind of reminds me of the flavor that Red Man has.  It has kind of a “warmer” flavor (if that makes any sense at all).

Spitfire – Honestly I was a bit scared to try this one again.  It’s been quite some time since I had some Spitfire and I remember it being a little too spicy for my tastes.  This time around, I have to say that I enjoyed it.  I don’t know that this would be my choice of flavors but I can see why people would really like it.  Like all the other Hooch flavors it’s got a burn but this one is “kicked up a notch” to really get some nice heat.  Behind that heat is the nice sweetness of the Classic flavor.

The Pros

  • The closest sub to real tobacco that’s out there
    (NOTE: This is listed as both a pro and a con
  • Packs like the real thing.
  • Multiple flavor options.
  • Good pricing ($3.15 per plastic tin, $3.50 per steel tin).

The Cons

  • The closest sub to real tobacco that’s out there
    (NOTE: This is listed as both a pro and a con.)
  • Messy on clean up.  Very authentic.
  • The cayenne pepper that provides the burn is present in all the flavors. Would be nice to have one that didn’t burn.


This brand is not quite a long cut, but it’s “bigger” than a fine cut product.  All flavors sampled have that “burn” which is provided by the cayenne pepper that’s added.  It’s not quite as “soft” as others I’ve tried, but it’s certainly not the “harshest” either.  All flavors sampled have outstanding spitibility.  Product produces quite a bit of saliva with a nice dark color.

I’ve been saying for years that this is the closest thing to real dip that’s available.  To that end, this one may be a little bit too close to the real thing for some quitters.  In fact, as I was sitting in my sitting in the basement with a “dip” in I almost felt like I was getting a buzz.  This clearly wasn’t the case but it just goes to show how close this is… My brain was tricked.  If you’re a quitter that can handle something so close to the real stuff I’d highly recommend Hooch.

Special thanks to Chet May from Hooch Snuff for providing me samples to try and review.

Hooch Snuff can be found on the web at  www.hoochsnuff.com

Disclaimer: In accordance with FTC Guidelines, we hereby inform this site’s viewers that we occasionally receive products for review purposes. At no time has payment has been made in order to elicit positive reviews. Affiliate links may be present in the above content. Read our disclosure policy for more info.

Have you tried Hooch?  Let us know what you think and we’ll add your review to the site!

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  1. Early in my quit I tried Hooch & I thought it was OK but not enough to re-order. SMC has me a little bored so I reordered the Hooch sample pack. Not sure why, but I find it alot better than the last time. Maybe my expectations were too hi the 1st time. Enjoyed the burn of Spitfire & the taste of Wintergreen this time around. The only problem with Spitfire is it burns a little too much. I mixed 1 part Spitfire & 1 part Wintergreen & it took alot of the burn away. I think I’m gonna make the switch to Hooch with my new flavor combo.

  2. not sure if somebody has already asked this, but which is closer to the real thing? this or jake’s mint chew? I was a cope wintergreen or cope straight guy and that’s it so I’m looking for something that is as close as possible to the real thing. thanks!

    • Hey Jarrette – If you’re looking for close to the real thing, I always point folks to Hooch. That not to say that Jake’s isn’t, but Hooch is closer in my opinion.

  3. I just ordered the spitfire, whiskey, and cherry can’t wait to try them thanks hooch!

  4. So my hooch finally came in and I love it! I mix hooch spitfire and bacc off mint to give that strong mint of bacc off with the burn of spit fire

  5. I just joined the site yesterday and the support is great so I highly consider joining.. and I also just ordered a few cans of hooch I tried bacc off but the texture wasn’t right so I hope this helps!

  6. Copenhagen, makes me feel so good (but I want to take better care of myself). Based on your review, just placed an order for Hooch Snuff whiskey, classic and spitfire. Danke for the data.

  7. does hooch carry long cut?

  8. Just ordered 6 cans of hooch…… trying to kick the cope habit after the birth of my daughter. Did a lot of research and feel i made a smart decision. Looking forward to it’s arrival amd getting started.

  9. Just ordered four cans after dipping Smokey Mountain for the past few days. I hadn’t tried herbal dip since it first came out about 20 years ago. I didn’t work for me then, but I don’t suppose my head and heart were in the fight.

    I stopped a 27 year can-a-day Copenhagen habit about a month ago. Did patches for about 10 days and then mostly slept and bitched for about a week. I picked up some Smokey Mountain at Wal-Mart and was really surprised how much I enjoyed the substitute. I figured a product like this will save me from triggers like being outdoors or long road trips, etc. Things that have ruined several quits for me in the past.

    I ordered the Hooch cans however, because the guarana in Smokey Mountain was keeping me up all night. I suppose I’ll find a brand eventually and just keep the mail-order train rollin’. Since they seem to have a rather lengthy shelf-life, I figure I can squirrel away cans here and there for that day down the road when I find myself on the precipice again. “Hey, look what I found at the bottom of my range bag!”

    This site rocks balls and I find it very supportive.

  10. I been using spitfire …if u dont spit…is that ok?

  11. After 33 yrs. of dippin I didn’t think I’d quit—–EVER!!!, and I tried Everything. My work benefits covered……..wait for it………………Hypnosis of all things and 5 mos. later haven’t had 1 real chew. You HAVE to want to quit. I just figured I owed to myself (and wife) to be around for awhile and enjoy what I’ve worked for, But watch the weight gain, nicotine is a stimulant, and once u quit be prepared to fight off the hunger after all the nicotine is free from your body. Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I’m new to this site, but like many others I decided it was time to quit and found myself reading everything I could. I didn’t really want to quit – just knew I needed to.

    I normally used Kodiak (taste) or Grizzly (price) and preferred wintergreen. I bought several kinds of smokeless alts to try and Hooch and Elicit ranked up at the top.

    Hooch Pros:
    It packed the best
    Pinched the best – until you try some you never think of that
    Good flavor. Lasts a good while
    Nice burn to it (I’d actually prefer more though)
    From order to delivery fastest of all companies I tried

    Hooch Cons:
    I always move the dip around in my mouth when I chew and Hooch doesn’t stay together as much as I’d like.
    Messy clean up (which is why I never loved Cope)

    I am 14 days nicotine free and I never really felt significant cravings. When I was actively chewing I couldn’t go an hour without hiding one in some part of my mouth. I think the act of chewing satisfied my brain enough to ignore the rage quit symptoms I am used to experiencing on previous attempts.

    For anyone wondering where to start Hooch is one of the best and should be on your list. Try a few and stick with it. I now rotate between Hooch and Elicit. They are very different from each other, but both have things I felt the other lacked a bit. Maybe I can cross breed them….

    Good luck and thanks for the resource Chewie.

  13. I’ve chewed cope for 35 years. This is my second time trying the hooch to quit. The first time I went cold turkey using only the hooch as a replacement for the real thing. For me, that didn’t go so well and I started chewing again after only 2 and a half months. This time I’ve started winging myself off the nicotine in increments instead of cold turkey. I am 1 and a half months into so far and I can honestly say the cravings are not near as bad as before. I started by mixing I can of cope with two cans of hooch. After I went through that mixture I mixed one half can of cope with two cans of hooch. Next, I mixed one quarter can of cope with two cans of hooch. Currently I am only chewing the hooch and my cravings are almost not existent. This is by far the most success I’ve had so far. Hopefully this procedure can help others trying to quit. Good luck to all!

    • Hey Steve – what you’re doing is called the “titration method” of quitting which can be very successful for some people. You’re weren’t fully “quit” until you were 100% nicotine free, but you got there which is GREAT!!! How many days you have been “quit” at this point?

      • Hey Chewie,
        I have been nicotine free for 4 weeks and haven’t missed the nicotine at all. Still chewing the hooch but hope to eventually cut down on that. Thanks for your reply!

  14. Been dip free for three days now. A one can a day user for over 40 years. Got the Hooch wintergreen, not really bad for the oral fixation. We will see how this goes. Don’t really want to quit but I will not pay my insurance wellness program $400.00 a month to put a cancer causing product in my mouth.

  15. I just placed an order for all sorts of hooch, thought twice after placing the order but saw all your reviews and can’t wait to try it! Thank god for a resource like this!

  16. After trying to quit countless times hooch did it for me. If there are any guys out there that are dipping and thinking of quiting do it and dont look back. If u are thinking of starting dont. The woman in ur life and everyone around u will be glad u dont.

  17. Hi everyone,

    I’m 18 and have been playing baseball my whole life, and I’ve always wondered what it was like to chew real tobacco. I’m resisting the curiosity but have been wanting to chew this fake stuff now. Would you recommend chewing fake stuff? Or will it just lead to more temptations to try the real thing?


    • Hey Matt – Thanks for stopping by! If you’re going to chew “something” then I’d definitely suggest the fake stuff. If you’ve never started PLEASE don’t ever even try it. Otherwise you may end up like me or thousands of other members who chew for decades. That being said, I’d probably suggest sticking with gum or seeds instead of even heading down that slippery slope.

      • I’ve tried so many different tobaccoless chews and after many months have found a great combination that is better than any single tobaccoless chew. You need to mix half a can of BACC-OFF Energized straight flavor with half a can of jerky chew (can pick up from any gas station or shred your own jerky in a food processor) and then add a few shakes of cayenne pepper. With this combination the saltiness of the jerky helps with salivation and taste and the cayenne provides that sting that makes it hit the spot. I’d still like to find something else to add in to increase salivation even more.

        I had my buddy who still chews try this and he liked it.

        Good luck everyone, if anyone has any combinations or finds something better to add in here to make it that much better please let me know.

        Thank you

  18. I REALLY want to quit!!! I just turned 42 in January I have been chewing well over 20 years. only for about one year in that period did I manage to quit before starting back again on my current brand. I started out chewing silvercreek,then I chewed Kodiak for many years, I am now chewing skoal original finecut, which is fine cut wintergreen. The cut is not as fine as a copenhagen.I have been on this brand for probally 5-6 years now.

    In looking at the reveiws from the different brands on here Hooch looks like my best choice as it is the finest cut I’ve seen. I am NOT looking to try a variety of flavors what I NEED is the flavor that is most like skoal original finecut. I have chewed way too long and desperately want to get rid of tobacco and nicotine forever as I know I am not a good example to my 12 yr old son.

    If possible can someone PLEASE recommend what flavor I should get from HOOCH as well as any other tips to help me if have any.

    • Hey To – Congrats on your great decision to quit! If you’ve looking for a great wintergreen substitute you’re in luck… there are some outstanding ones out there. Hooch wintergreen, Smokey Mountain wintergreen and Holt are all outstanding alternatives. Let us know what you think!

  19. Just ordered the sampler pack today. I have chewed a variety of brands of chew for 10 years off and on quitting for as long as 9 months. I have tried other brands of fake dip with no success. I now have a one year old son and need to quit for him. I want to live long enough to watch him grow up. From the reviews I have read it looks like to me that hooch is the closest to the real thing. Here’s to quitting and a long happy life!

    • Congrats on a great decision to quit Matt! Would love to hear your review after you get your sample pack!

      • Just got my sample pack today. Just tried the wintergreen and I have to say if I didn’t know any better I would think it was real! Hoping to get my dad and some of the guys at work on this amazing product. Can’t wait to try the other flavors!

  20. Thank Chewie = I started with some Hooch Snuff and it is really working for me. I have also tried Smokey Mountain which is very good also. I normally dip Smokey Mountain in the daytime and Hooch in the evening. Something in the ingredients in Smokey Mountain keep me up at night if I dip it in the evenings. They are both real good and are helping greatly. I quit dipping Copenhagen Long Cut 38 days ago after dipping for 35 years and this herbal snuff is doing wonders for me.

  21. Have you ever heard of anyone possibly having an allergic reaction to Hooch Snuff such as hives? Need to find out because there is a ton of stuff I am allergic too. I dipped Copenhagen Long Cut for 20 plus years and decided to quite and would like an alternative. Thanks in advance for your reply

  22. @Josh J. – as long as you’re adding only a couple of drops at a time no, I don’t think it would wash it out. A few drops (5-10) will go a long way but give you that flavor you’re looking for. Let me know what you think!

  23. I’m like Brandon and also feel he hit it on the head with that line. I never got really bad, a can a week, give or take, over the course of two years, but I love dipping. I have a lot of nervous energy, and that tends to mellow me out. That said, you mentioned putting some whiskey in a can, and I also enjoy this. Would putting a little JD or Old Weller in the Wintergreen can be comparable to the real deal, or would it wash/drown out the wintergreen flavor?

  24. I have been dip free for about 5 years. I have been craving like crazy lately. I have no clue why. Thanks to your review I ordered the sample pack from hooch. Excited to try it and get flavor and feel of dip without health risks. Hope its good and scratches that itch. Weird how cravings can come out of nowhere after years without it.

    • Chris – believe it or not that’s not all that uncommon. I had a couple of “out of the blue” craves around my 5 year mark as well. Luckily they didn’t stick around all that long. Let me know what you think of Hooch!

  25. HH is obviously a troll. Let’s just ignore him.

    I’ve been using Hooch for two years now since stopping the real stuff. It’s soooo much better than Mint Snuff, Golden Eagle, & Smokey Mountain it’s unbelievable! It really helped ween me off the killer stuff. I’ve found over time I can go less and less without having a dip in. A few times I actually realized by the end of the day I’d had none at all…even though I had the can in my pocket.

    I really like the “burn” spitfire gives. So much so, I started mixing in a 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne in every can of the other flavors now (sometimes I double that). It’s easy to mix with a fork in a bowl and re-pack the can with a spoon.

    Thanks for the great review Chewie. I agreed with everything you said.

  26. Chewie, your review is pretty much spot on if not a LITTLE bit biased haha! I picked up a sample pack of this herbal snuff and was absolutely blown away! See, I was looking for something close to the real thing, everyone has their reasons for their quit, but quitting dipping doesn’t get rid of your enjoyment of actually doing it. I needed something damn close and something that felt like I was chewing, of course without the deadly side effects. I enjoyed chewing, I enjoyed the sitting down to take a dip, the relaxation and just the action of taking a dip. I’m a dipper, but I no longer dip tobacco. Hooch is about as close as you can get to the real thing, you’ve said that, I’m here to back that up and let people know to not waste their time on other remedies if getting that satisfaction of chewing is what they’re looking for. I’m a dipper, but I no longer dip tobacco!!!!

    • Thanks for the feedback Rob! I’m “biased” only in the fact that I like Hooch. To be honest, I haven’t had it since the nights I wrote this review. That said, if I’m reaching for “the real thing” this is one of the brands that I’d reach for.

      Incidentally, I LOVE the “I’m a dipper, but I no longer dip tobacco!!!!” line… that’s an outstanding way of looking at it!

  27. Names Brandon 24 here been dipping since about the age of 11 or 12 I am on my 9th day without any dip been using hooch spitfire for the burn. Works some what just having dreams of dipping and cravings while I am out shooting or any other areas that are triggers for me. I must say though anyone thinking of quitting I would do so its a waste of money and is not safe or healthy. I already have bone loss in my lower jaw and about no gums on 4 of my teeth.

  28. Well, I wish I would have found this just a little sooner.
    I bought 5 cans of Oregon mint. And it is not anything like the RS mint I am used to. Perhaps I will remember the reviews about Hooch the next time I am in the need of ordering some…..Thanks to all for the Reviews and Questions…..I am on a new road, Praise the Almighty God himself.

  29. @Austin,

    The root of the kudzu plant (pueraria) is high in isoflavones called phyto-estrogens, which is why women think it will increase their breast size. We only use the leaf which is low in isoflavones. About the same as malt or barley.

    Although phyto-estrogens are similar in structure to estrogen, they are not processed in the same manner in the body.

    We are not permitted to make any claims of health benefits of our product, however:

    We know of no research that has shown that kudzu leaf increases breast size in men. We also have no reports of breast increase from our customers from using our products. We do know of research showing that there is no hormonal effect in men from phyto-estrogens.

    If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us directly at 855-HOOCH-SNUFF.

  30. The only thing I am concerned about with this product is the fact that it’s made with Pueraria which is used to increase breast size… I don’t want that to be happening! Has anyone experienced any problems?

    • @Austin – come to think of it… I do have some supple man boobs 😉

      (.) (.)

      All jokes aside, no, I’ve heard of this as being an issue. That said, I’ll reach out to the owner of Hooch to see if he’s got any sort of official response.

  31. Chewie, could you tell me the closest thing to Grizzley fine cut natural? I just ordered some Jake’s and am waiting on that to get shipped. I have been dipping for 17 years and when I just saw my 4 year old son get a water bottle and imitating spitting in it I knew it was time for a change. Thanks for this site.

    • I just got my can of Jake’s today in the mail, it isn’t like Grizzly, I haven’t found anything quite like it so far, I like Bacc-Off wintergreen pouches for the good burn but nothing so far has great spitability. So far I’ve tried Hooch, Jake’s, Nip, Cougar Mountain, and Bacc-Off. I’m about to try Grind, but other than that I just am going to keep trying others. I know nothing will be like Grizzly, especially longcut since no one makes a long cut. Hooch has great compatibility and good taste. Nip is great taste but instead of ground leaves it is sea sponge, it is weird, but tasty and healthy. If anyone knows of any other brand I haven’t tried yet please let me know.

    • @DMoney – It’s always tough to suggest something to match a flavor that wasn’t my brand. Off the top of my head, I’d suggest either Hooch Classic or Young’s Classic as a starting point. When you find one let us know!

  32. I love the hooch chew. The spitfire is good. I really enjoy the burn. The classic is okay but it’s not my favorite. I am looking for a herbal chew that taste like copenhagen original or grizzly natural. If anyone knows one I want to know. I plan on chewing this for now until I am old enough to buy my own. Then I am going back to copenhagen. But if you know one please tell me.

    • @brandon – Let me get this straight. You’re using fake chew now until you’re old enough to use the real stuff? I hate to tell you, but that’s quit possibly the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. #FacePalm

  33. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PRODUCT!! Purchased an order on Feb 29 of 12 cans and received it on Mar 2. The taste is phenomenal and the texture is just right. I must say that it is a bit messy and sticky to deal with but well worth the effort. The spit factor is out of this world, and the flavor bursts in your mouth and lasts for a long time. Amazing product and great price.

  34. @AndrewK – Yes, Jakes is pure mint leaves (with additional flavoring added in some cases). The closest thing to “long cut” would probably be Hooch. There are no loose leaf subs on the market at this point.

  35. HH, this is people supporting each other for an ddiction.if your will power is stronger than most then good for you. Why would anyone purposefully be a dick in a support area for a product that kills people. Go be angry and cynical somewhere else.

  36. I started Bacc-Off a week ago and enjoy the burn in the pouches, the only thing that I’m disappointed about is what really got me dipping in the first place was the spitting. I’ve yet to find one that really makes me salivate. I’m also hoping to someday find a long cut one as I can’t stand fine cut as it creates a mess to clean up. I tried Smokey Mountain years ago and that was only in fine at the time. Anyone who has tried Hooch, does this one make you salivate or if any other brands I haven’t mentioned that have more of a long cut and makes you salivate please let me know.

    Thank you

    • @AndrewK – thanks for stopping by! Hooch, Grinds, and Nip all have outstanding “spitability”. Certain flavors (Spearmint) of Jake’s, and Holt also have a good amount of saliva. Reviews for all of these are posted here: http://blog.killthecan.org/reviews/

      • @Chewie – thanks for the quick reply, I haven’t heard of Grinds or Nip yet, I’ll check them out, Jake’s though is just the pure mint leaves right? I’ve tried the pure mint leaves and they are okay but I’ll definitely have to try one of those. Now do you know if anyone either makes an actual long cut though or even possibly like a loose leaf?
        Thanks again

    • Heck ya it does..try spitfire

  37. Chewie…just started “my quit” (3 days in) and the Kill The Can site helped me find the Hooch herbal to help with the oral fixation. I for one appreciate everyone on here taking the time to help guys like me (20+ year habit) quit while we have time. Yes..we own the habit, did it to ourselves and have to own the solution..but it’s not easy and having information to help and access to the guys on here that want to try and help others quit is really an excellent thing. I appreciate it and Thanks!

  38. @Donald – glad you found us! Looking forward to hearing what you think. Feel free to send in a review and we’ll add it to the site!

  39. @ chewie –just came across Hooch, I’ve been looking for something for a few weeks now. thanks for posting your review. (I agree with your response to HH also by the way). this is exactly what I’ve been looking for, just ordered straight,whisky,mint & wintergreen (i dip straight long cut– these sound interesting though), cant wait to get it.

  40. I quit smoking 6 years ago. I quit snuff almost 3 years ago and recently chose to brave the line of temptation, fooling myself with “Surely, I can handle just a taste, right?” Here I sit, 60 days later having to quit snuff all over again (hmmm, I’ve been here before).

    So being a veteran quitter I’ve learned to attack addiction from a responsible viewpoint instead of a “victim viewpoint”. We’re not victims. We’re a product of our choices and we need to own it – in order to regain some degree of control over it.

    I just started saying “I choose to ______” and it does something internally that puts me back in control. It’s making things much easier than it was the first time (when i thought I was a victim).

    My language is different this time. I still feel the anxiety, the emotional roller-coaster, and the jitters. But those things are dramatically reduced by the amount of control I have this time. You see, I know the truth. I’m not a victim. I did this. I own it. And I’m choosing to get control of it by quitting.

  41. hey im new to this site but im 19 years old and i picked up the habit of dipping in the 9th grade. and ever since then i dipped at least a can of kodiak wintergreen a day. i went to the dentist 4 days ago and my gums are so badly receeding i have to get a big chunk replaced by cadaver tissue. that was a big wake up call. this is my 4th day with out one dip. i ordered mass hooch snuff cause it seems the best alternative. i hope it works good for me.

  42. Does this stuff contain fiber glass or anything that tears up your gums?

  43. thanks to bacc off i am no longer chewing the crap that will kill you thank you bacc off an god bless you

  44. @ HH

    Got news for you, these placebos don’t help one bit with the withdrawal. Well for about half a second your mind thinks its got a dip in and relaxes, but that’s it. I suspect a heroin addict would have a similar reaction to a needle inserted that he believes is filled with heroin.

    Like food or working out or any other activity that isn’t dipping, they provide only a temporary distraction from your body’s cries to be fed nicotine. I was almost delirious for 48 hours and the fake dip did little, if anything, to alter that state. The only thing that really helped was time and support.

    In any event, I like the placebos because I like to dip but don’t like cancer.

    Lastly, we are not hopeless addicts. To the contrary, we have quit. But thank you for making us all just a bit dumber.

  45. I’m a 31 year snuff user and i’m going to try this product.

  46. @HH / Jan – once again, the concept of reading what you’re responding to has alluded you. Clearly I realize that there is no nicotine in these products. I wouldn’t be reviewing them otherwise. Did I state somewhere in the review that they did contain nic? Please point it out to me so I can remove the reference.

    Also… please lead me to the “anti-tobacco extremists” that have labeled people as hopeless addicts and convinced me that I’m a hardcore nicotine addict. No one had to convince me. The shakes, heart palpitations, lack of sleep, dizziness, and variety of other withdrawal symptoms that I had when I quit these products convinced me just fine.

    These products ARE placebos… that’s the whole point. I never said otherwise. Again, if you’re going to bring something up please consider if it will in fact help your argument. Otherwise you just look like an idiot.

    As for the “outdated Victorian age bunk science” of oral fixation… sigh. Are you honestly telling me that there isn’t an oral fixation for smokers and dippers? If you are, you’ve never used these products.

  47. “In fact, as I was sitting in my sitting in the basement with a “dip” in I almost felt like I was getting a buzz. This clearly wasn’t the case but it just goes to show how close this is… My brain was tricked.”

    LMAO. That is just pathetic. There’s NO nicotine in these products! You are wasting your money purchasing a PLACEBO to help with your imaginary freudian “oral” fixation which is nothing more than outdated victorian age bunk science. They say nicotine is as addictive as heroin? You try giving an injection of fake heroin to someone having opiate withdrawals, or sugar to snort for a cocaine addict and see if it helps alleviate his cravings.

    I think it is truly sad and infuriating that the anti-tobacco extremists have given people like you such a complex by labeling people as hopeless addicts, convincing you you’re all hardcore nicotine fiends, when in reality–a simple placebo–can help you fight your addictions.

    It’s like me going around telling people that I like to smoke oregano to keep me from using pot because it helps fight my “mental” addiction to the drug.

    But whatever, If you like to waste your money putting crap in your mouth that DOESN’T DO CRAP, just so you can avoid your cravings to the big bad addictive nicotine, then go ahead.

  48. When I first tried to quit back in ’10, I tried Hooch, as well as Oregon Mint, and SMC. I recall that I liked the Hooch Cherry, as I am a Skoal Cherry guy. I actually got both the steel tins and the plastic cans. I didn’t notice any particular difference in flavor/quality between the two types of cans. I recall that I preferred the flavors of SMC over Hooch, but after reading this review, I think I’m going to have to give Hooch another try.

  49. @Christof – congrats on a great start to your quit! SO happy that you found an alternative product that works for you! If you’re looking for some support check out our community at http://forum.killthecan.org/ – we’ve got nearly 10,000 members who know just what you’re dealing with cause they’ve all been there!

  50. After 3 yrs. and 4 surgeries, the Doctors finally seem to have “fixed” me… So now it was time to quit my 30+ yr Copenhagen/Red Seal habit. Tried the Beaver mint stuff, and although it was okay, it wasn’t anything like chew at all.. So I started reading reviews and the local health food store where I bought the Beaver also had the Golden Eagle, so I gave it a try… Much better, but still not close to Cope or RS.. So I ordered 6 cans of the Hooch Straight, which arrived today, and WOW, am I impressed!! Smells almost like Red Seal, and tastes like a cross between Red Man and Copenhagen.. Very nice, and although I haven’t chewed real tobacco since November 2nd (obviously over the addiction), it is nice to be outdoors and be able to pop in a dip “safely”.. Thanks to the folks who came up with this stuff!!

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