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Tough Love

Tough Love

Quote from: noonelikesaquitter 

First, good to see you Hawkins.

Second, a little word about the ‘Tough Love’ we give here.

I see it in every new group. A guy caves; comes back and announces it; gets his ass chewed to the hilt; said caver USUALLY bucks up, takes it, and drives on to success. Some cry, make a mixture of vinegar and water, and move along to die slowly.

What ensues after that is the debate of those left here: Why you gotta go all Apocalypse Now on the brother? Why so harsh? You’re just…a tough guy behind a screen with a keyboard.

Well, boys and girls, this always chaps my ass (no Wastepanel, no) because I tend to offer the ‘Tough Love’ on occasion. So, here is just my little ole’ perspective on ‘Tough Love’.

You have to be invested in your quit. You are a liar and an addict. If you didn’t need someone ‘shouting in your face’, you have quit by now.

Anyone ever been in a frat? Been hazed in the military? How ’bout when you joined the varsity football team?

I have my fucking freedom boys, and girls. Not you, nor anyone else can take that away from me. It’s mine. I own it.

You came here looking for yours. I can help you get it. But you gotta do what I say. Maybe not me, but then listen to Ready. If not him, I know SkoalMonster has some shit for you. Hell, if you can decipher his messages, Syndrome is one BAMF quitter with oodles, and oodles of quit days, and knowledge. There are a fucking TON of guys that know where you are, and what you’re going through, and they are willing ready, and able to help you out as much as you need it.

Point is, you can have your freedom. You can even get it your way, but you gotta Pay to Play. You gotta WANT IT, and you gotta do what we say. Not cuz I’m an Internet Tough Guy, but because I know you’re a liar. I was too. I know the bullshit she’s whispering in your ear. She’s a filthy whore and I have declared all out war on her every day. I’m fighting for you.

If you don’t like the message delivery system here, it’s PROBABLY because the nic whore is still banging in your ear. You’re not ready to quit yet.

If you say you are ready to quit – Prove IT.

Follow these steps:

1. Post roll EVERY Day (preferably when you get up)

2. Keep your FUCKING Word!

3. Repeat.

I’ll see you fuckers tomorrow.

Quote from: Frazzled

This is about the best advice you’re going to get here, but I am going to add one more thing to it that ties in with making yourself accountable and posting roll every day.

How many numbers you got of fellow quitters? You know, people you could text or call if you were in trouble? People with enough quit in them to share some of it with you and to help strengthen you?

You got digits?

Use them when the nic whore strolls by and hikes up her skirt at you.

Use them when you fail to see a fellow quitter post roll for a day. You keep them accountable, and they do the same for you.

Make sure you keep those digits, use them, get to know your brothers and sisters, make sure you are as willing to hold them accountable as you are willing to be held accountable yourself.

You don’t got digits?

You will fail. Period.

Quit on…


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