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How Long Should I Stay On KTC? When To Leave?

KillTheCan CalendarThe question of how long to stick around on the site or when to leave comes up quite often. Some folks say that the only time they think about dipping is when they are on the site. How could that possibly be a good thing? Here’s one version of the question and a response:

swimminfish asks:

I was gone from the site for about a week last week, just got busy and couldn’t make it to post, but now that I am back, I am thinking about chewing all the time, I am thinking about what day I am on, and it seems to be a consuming thought. I didn’t have these thoughts when I was off the site. So my question is, is this normal? Is it important to know the exact numbers days I have been with out dip? When do people stop using the site for help?

Chewie’s response:

This question comes up quite often and I’ve never really had a good answer for it… But now I think I DO have an answer.

The bottom line is this. When you’re on the site I (and your other brothers) KNOW that you’re not dipping. We see that daily promise and there is no doubt in our mind that you’re not stuffing your face with shit.

If I don’t see your name, then I’ve got to ASSUME that you’re clean. I’m not sure. I don’t know.

I am in the October 2006 group. There was a time when that group was over 30-40 people strong posting roll on a DAILY basis. Now we’re down to about 3-4 on a regular basis. I KNOW that those 3-4 are quit. I’ve got to assume about the others. My name is on that line today. It’s my daily promise to you, to myself and to every other person on

Recently I lost a quit brother that had over 500 days quit. He left the site cause he didn’t think about dip anymore. He never even considered it anymore so he didn’t see the value in posting roll. Now he’s on day 9. He threw away over half a comma cause he was stupid. He got complacent and he got cocky. Since his cave he’s posted every day and I KNOW that he’s quit – I no longer have to assume.

Do I think about dip more cause I’m here? You bet. And you know what — I think that’s a GOOD thing. I WANT to think about dip on a daily basis.

The Nic Bitch WANTS us to forget about her. She wants us to forget about all the pain and suffering we went through to get clean. She wants you to only remember the good times that you had together.

Sure, maybe roll call is like picking off a scab every day — never letting the wound totally heal. Personally i’d rather pick at it every day for the rest of my life than EVER let it heal and forget about it.

I’m an addict my friend. I always will be. I’m quit today and you KNOW it cause my name is on that list. You’re quit today. I KNOW it cause your name is on that list. I’ll be on that list tomorrow — will you?


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1 month ago

Chewie, thank you for writing this. I know I am on day 23 right now. Very happily quitting everyday of my life. It is funny when I think about dipping, I actually come on to the site and read posts or my Favorite page, “What to Expect When you Quit Dipping” I go over the quit day I am at and reread what to expect while quitting. For me it gives me the strength to keep going. No idea what my thoughts will be in 77 Days from now. I do know this part of your writing, “Sure, maybe roll call is like picking off a scab every day — never letting the wound totally heal. Personally I’d rather pick at it every day for the rest of my life than EVER let it heal and forget about it.” It gave me a smile and I knew I was on the right path.

4 years ago

Day 22 firstime comment I totally agree with this I don’t want to forget that nic bitch because if you let your guard down shell attack.

4 years ago

20 days strong! I find reading these articles extremely helpful in staying quit! It’s not easy and I never expected it would be. Having a brotherhood helps. To be able to talk and listen to others helps a lot. I take it one day at a time knowing the next will be a little bit easier, but one thing I won’t forget is the damage she has caused.

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