2015 HOF Speeches

Just The Beginning

sowilliams & pxc avatarFirst I want to apologize for not introducing myself 100 days ago! Oops!!! That was due to the FOG I was in at that time I guess! lol

Secondly I want to thank all the people I’ve made acquaintance with on this powerful site. Especially my neighbor I haven’t met yet EFPitt. You rock bro! lol)

So day 100 is here! What does that mean for me as I reflect back?

To me it means the battle has just begun. I need to stay, and will stay, grounded about this accomplishment as I realize at any given moment, the Bitch could strike back. I look at how far I’ve come, I think of my little girl, my family, and of course the KTC community, and I say to myself “Nope It Ain’t Happening!” Some days are better than the last, but I always draw from the things I mentioned earlier when I find myself down. It has gotten a little easier with time but I realize complacency could lead to disaster and I NEVER want to feel those first three days EVER AGAIN!

Special thanks to Quit To Live (January 2016). I met him in the chat room one night as he came in looking for help. Ever since then we’ve kept in contact. My point here is that it has been more rewarding helping another person out. More rewarding than it has been helping myself out. I remember coming into the chat room, just as he did, looking for answers, and the gracious people that were in there that day settled me down. Distracting me just enough to not let my focus turn to you know where! I’m hopeful, that I’ll get other opportunities to give back to others and for that I thank QTL for opening my eyes! Roll on my Brother!

This seems strange for me to be writing this speech, because I’ve never written something like this in the past. I feel as though I’m obligated to give back. So if anyone reading this can take any positives from it, then all the better.

Thanks to all I have encountered so far and look forward to meeting new people as the journey continues!!

Stay Quit My Friends(SQMF)

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member pxc

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