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Killing The Can For 13 Years

KTC 13 Years

Today, (November 20th, 2019) celebrates the 13th anniversary of the creation of our forums to help people break the bonds of their tobacco addiction! For a more than a decade now we’ve been quitting together. We post roll daily. We experience freedom from nicotine and tobacco that for some people has been unheard of for decades.

About a year ago we were forced to migrate to a new software platform for our forums. New moderators stepped up and old(er) and new admins took over. Through it all we’ve had a singular vision – to hold one another accountable and to quit chewing tobacco.

Our forum membership continues to grow. Our social media profiles (FacebookTwitter and Instagram) continue their strong growth and engagement. Daily roll call posts continue on the blog and the conversation here on the site reaches thousands of people that have never heard of our forums. However you want to get involved… there’s a ton of quit support and most importantly, accountability, available to you.

As we’ve done in the past we’ve created a one-day-only, site wide roll call today to help commemorate the day this whole thing started.  If you’re a member of our forums please stop by and put your name on roll. If you’re NOT a member… consider joining us. The accountability that we provide will kick start or reinvigorate your quit for years to come.

As I sit down to write this post about a week from Thanksgiving, my thoughts turn to all that I’ve got to be thankful for. Naturally I’m thankful for my family, friends and my health. I’m also eternally grateful for people that have helped me quit this terrible addiction. These are not my ‘internet friends’ – these are men and women who I talk to, interact with and have met face to face.  This is the kind of interaction that you can expect when you become a member of our community.

There are a lot of people that look to quit dipping cold turkey over the holidays.  This is a great opportunity to get them into the family and set them up for huge success moving forward in their quit and into the new year.

So please stop by and post roll today to help us celebrate.  I’m honored to be quit with you all today!

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