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My Quit Tracker – Another Tool In Your Arsenal

My Quit is all about helping people quit dipping.  It’s not an easy task (anyone who says otherwise is lying or trying to sell you something) but it’s absolutely possible.  Our forums have thousands of example of successful quitters.

In the constant struggle against our addiction the more tools we have available to us the easier the task is. I’m thrilled to tell you about an app that can help you along the way. And this app comes with an added bonus – it was built by a quitter!

My Quit Tracker

My Quit Tracker was designed for quitters to help keep track of days and money saved since quit. My Quit Tracker was also designed to support any type of quit such as quitting chewing, drinking, smoking or an option in settings to enter another type of quit of your choosing.

There is also a handy 2×1 widget that you can place anywhere on your home screen. The widget will update at midnight each day, so once you set your quit the app will handle the rest daily. You will need to be running Android 4.0 or higher to run My Quit Tracker.

As I said, this app was developed by a fellow quitter… on the forums you know him as copenhaten.

The app is getting amazing reviews and is available in the Google App store here.  You can install the app (FOR FREE!) on any device running Android 4.0 or greater.

Check out some screenshots below and give it a try for free! Huge props to copenhaten for making a kick ass app to help quitters everywhere!

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7 years ago

Any plans for an IOS app?

7 years ago

This app as helped me a lot with tracking my days. That’s why I created it 🙂

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