2016 HOF Speeches

No Longer Deadman Walking

KTC Logo Black and WhiteOne hundred days ago I was a dead man. I had an ulcer the size of my fist in my esophagus that was not healing but getting worse. I was on heavy duty medication to treat it yet it continued unabated. I blamed genetics, diet, hiatal hernia and everything else as a cause for my suffering…not that can of cope that pulled my puppet strings every day. My addiction had blinded me to the fact that I was killing myself pinch by pinch. I had given up…I resigned to the fact that I would soon be six feet under with a five finger dip shoved in my pie hole. I was not intending to quit…I just ran out one day and decided I was not going to buy another can….in the fog of the suck I stumbled onto this site….posted something about being 36 hours quit…..and then the life lines started pouring in…that is when my quit really started and as the ulcer healed, fog lifted and my sleep returned….I decided to live. 100 days is just a start…one day at a time will continue to allow me to be free and LIVE!

I would like to thank my lovely wife and my wonderful daughters

My Dad….his struggles with nicotine addiction gave me strength in my quit R.I.P

TCOPE-Thanks for saving my quit at 40 days…keep a vets number handy..it can save your life.

DizzyDude, g mack, rkymtman and all the others who reached out with support, advice and even conversation and craft beer.

Thanks to my fellow March Quitters for making my quit stronger.

And finally thanks the developers of this site…you do the work of saints to help save our addicted souls.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Capt Kylos

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