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Randall – The Face of Cancer

Randall Duff - Tongue CancerThis photo was posted on Facebook. To date it has over 185,000 shares… for good reason.

Randall Duff says:

I wasn’t going to post this but I decided I should…. I don’t usually do PSAs or anything like this but I thought I should because if I can change the lifestyle of one person then I made a difference.

I have smoked and/or dipped for the majority of my life… Not something I was proud of but it was something I did. Now I quit smoking on November 29th 2014 but I still dipped Copenhagen. In February of this year I noticed a spot on my tongue and asked my dentist what it was. Dr Morris ran a cancer screen and said it didn’t show up as cancerous but as a precaution I had a biopsy done.

The diagnosis was epithelial dysplasia and I went to the oral surgeon to get a further evaluation. Long story short I went on Monday to get surgery to remove the lesion and come to find out when cutting it out there was a slight bit of cancer, stage 1, but detected early enough to remove it all.

I’m fine, everything is all good but if you smoke or dip or chew, quit. I have always been healthy and had the mindset that nothing bad could happen to me. The following picture proves otherwise (it’s graphic) 12 stitches and one helluva sore tongue!!!

Posted to Facebook by Randall Duff

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6 years ago

what did the spot look like

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