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Rham’s 100 Days of Quit

rhamsher avatarYesterday, my 48th birthday, I reached 100 days of quit. I had zero thoughts about a HOF speech because I suck at writing just as much as I suck at quitting smokeless tobacco. After numerous failed attempts to quit in my life, I stumbled onto KTC a few years back and found the tools to successfully quit this addiction. Unfortunately, my reality back then was that I didn’t honestly want to live life without nicotine. I just wanted to see if quitting was even possible, because I honestly felt it was not. Once I realized and learned it was possible, from being on KTC, I began looking for my opportunity and reason to cave. I found that opportunity and started living and enjoying life as an addict once again. Today I stand before you at 101 days quit, free from my addiction, and looking forward to the opportunity of another 100 days without nicotine!!!

I owe it to KTC, my Jackhammer brothers of June ‘18, and to you future HOF’ers, to jot down my two cents on quitting this hard core addiction. I can vividly recall reading speech after speech just to get through the day. The more speeches I read, the more my faith in quitting grew. I was a hard core addict of smokeless tobacco for 30 years!!! I LOVED to dip and enjoyed doing everything in life with that shit in my mouth. My day started with a dip immediately after brushing my teeth and typically ended with me falling asleep with a dip in. I actually would put a dip in before I went to bed. Just like a 1 year old and his pacifier!!! For me, the TRUTH about quitting hit me like a ton of bricks a few days into my first quit years ago. It wasn’t that nicotine was this all powerful drug I couldn’t defeat. The truth was, I was SCARED to do life without my pacifier!!! It created so much anxiety that I thought was having severe withdrawals and would die without it. It was the ANXIETY of quitting that I had to conquer and re-learning how to do life with a dip. Was it hard… Hell yes it was hard! But NOT impossible. Learning to quit one day at a time with your KTC brothers is the key to success. They gave me the faith, the courage, and the strength to spit out my pacifier and commit to a life without nicotine!

Like I said, I’m no writer! But you too can spit out that cancer pacifier and live a life without nicotine. It does get better! It does get easier! But it will always be ODAAT (one day at a time)!!! Here is to ANOTHER 100 days.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member rhamsher

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