2018 HOF Speeches

Bifish99 HOF Thoughts

Magical Door100 days, seems like a lot until I think about how long I dipped or smoked, then I realize 100 is good but I’ve got a lot more quitting to do.

I really want to just thank KTC and the brothers here for making this happen…without this Site and the folks manning it, I’d still be pluggin my lip with that ratshit in my morning shower! Despite pleading from my wife, I dipped on daily and hard, mining a can of Cope a day, until I stumbled on KTC. Not sure what is was, the brotherhood, the testimonials, the horror stories, and/or the dedication of those before me, but something clicked and I dumped dip the next day. Posting roll with coffee has now taken the place of a morning dip… a fine tradeoff I would say.

A special shout out to several brothers who took me under their wing, especially to Brick for holding my hand that first brutal week or so, to Big Red 77 for texting every day, to Flyfisher and Kodiakdeath for keeping my QDs straight.

For those still dippin who might be reading this, be assured it can be done….I’m living proof. The brotherhood and tools here at KTC make acknowledgement of your addiction a door to quitting, and the pride and accountability of conquering it the reward on the other side. Read up, post up, find support in the brotherhood (they will find you too), take the plunge, and then commit to KTC as a daily ritual…its easy, way cheaper than dip, and won’t cause cancer.

So, it is on to posting 101, next speech at 1000……..


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Bifish99

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