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Rough Roads – All Smiles

KTC Logo - OrangeSo. Here I am. 100 days. Right now, honestly, it does not feel any different. Just like age, a birthday comes and goes as we get older it soon just becomes another day. Oddly enough, a relatively short time into our new year in life it hits us. Even as I write this the light of dawn starts to hit and I realize that it a monumental achievement. Previously, during my other stints in stoppage, I was alone in my struggle. I had knowledge on how to do it. I educated 1000(s) on how to quit. Changed the lives of families for the better. I saved the lives of so many people. But, I was not happy with it. I wasn’t happy with anything at all. Then, I found this site. Hooked up with some bad ass quitters, followed this sites tried and true methods, found some quitters in my area, developed a massive network.

So, here I am. 100 days quit. It feels marvelous! I am keeping my head on a swivel. Keep using all the tools I developed. Keep my network up and expand on it. Despite what June has been through. I feel it has made us so much stronger. I know it has set my resolve stronger and more determined.

So, thank you everybody for the support. Conductors, yes, I do like PB & J! Ladies and Gentlemen. Adieu.

Just for today, Self.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member kubiackalpha

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