TeaZa Bangin’ Black Cherry Bomb Pouch Review

TeaZa Bangin BlackCherry Bomb

Back in March I reviewed a new flavor from TeaZa called Black Cherry. I’m back today with yet another new offering from the TeaZa crew, the soon to be released, limited edition TeaZa Bangin’ Black Cherry Bomb! If you’re not familiar with TeaZa you can check out my original review … Continue reading

Absolut Snus – Bubble Gum Review

Absolut Snus – Bubble Gum Infused

I recently posted a review for two new flavors of Absolute Snus – Tutti Fruity and Red Bull Infused. There was also a third flavor recently released by Absolut and I’m back today to review that one: Bubble Gum Infused. As with the other flavors, I don’t have an ingredients … Continue reading

Absolut Snus – New Flavor Review

Absolut Snus Tutti Frutti

It’s been quite some time since I’ve been able to bring you a new review but I’m back today with a couple of new flavors from Absolut Snus. You can check out my original review here: Absolut Snus Review. Absolut is back with two new flavors: Tutti Frutti and Red Bull … Continue reading

TeaZa Black Cherry – Herbal Energy Pouch Review

TeaZa Black Cherry (1)

I’m thrilled to be back again bringing you another new flavor from our friends at TeaZa – Black Cherry! I’ve had this review sitting in my drafts folder for months now… what can I say, I’m a bad blogger. 🙁 If you’re not familiar with TeaZa you can check out … Continue reading

TeaZa Chill – Cool Mint Herbal Energy Pouch Review

TeaZa Chill - Cool Mint Pouches

Back again with a LONG overdue review of a new flavor from TeaZa – Cool Mint!  This was the first of two new flavors of TeaZa that I reviewed… will get that one posted shortly as well! If you’re not familiar with TeaZa you can check out my original review … Continue reading

TeaZa Herbal Energy Pouches – Review by Sox2012

Teaza Samples

Hello quitters!!! I wanted to get a few reviews on here about alternative products. I know I tried sunflower seeds, gum, candy and mints to try and satisfy that urge. You all know that urge. You just ate and you need that dip. Stress level just went up to 1000, … Continue reading

Cowboy Coffee Chew Reviews

Cowboy Coffee Chew

Chewie says… I’m a big fan of a cup of coffee so this one is right up my alley. Opening the solid tin (I really appreciate this as opposed to a plastic can) you get an immediate coffee smell wafting from the tin. However, this really is NOT a substitute … Continue reading

Cowboy Coffee Chew & Major League Coffee Dip Reviews

Major League Coffe Dip & Cowboy Coffee Che

Back again today with a review of two new products to the smokeless alternative market: Major League Coffee Dip and Cowboy Coffee Chew! Coffee Chew is a a non tobacco alternative (just like everything else listed on KillTheCan.org) to chewing tobacco, dip or snus.  You can find them both online … Continue reading

New Flavors From Grinds – Peppermint & Vanilla

Peppermint & Vanilla Grinds

Years ago now, I wrote a review of Grinds Coffee Pouches.  Since that time, I’ve had the pleasure to meet co-founder Patrick Pezet and Grinds was featured on ABC’s Shark Tank.  I’m super excited to see that Grinds hasn’t rested when they found some success… they’re continuing to turn out … Continue reading

TeaZa Herbal Energy Pouch Review

Teaza Samples

If you’ve read my stuff here at KillTheCan.org you know I’m a huge proponent of smokeless tobacco alternatives (fake dip).  I’m always looking for new products in this space and I’m thrilled to be able to review another new product – TeaZa Energy Pouches.  TeaZa is a small pouch product designed … Continue reading