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Now Available – Jake’s Mint Chew CBD Straight Mint Pouches

Our friends at Jake’s Mint Chew have announced the newest addition to their product line – CBD Straight Mint Pouches.

Jake's Mint Chew - CBD

CBD is in high demand due to its holistic benefits. If you’re not familiar, head to Google and check out its many uses which include research that CBD helps with inflammation, anxiety, and nausea.  Since they infused their best selling Straight Mint Pouches, you’ll also have the benefit of fresh breath and great taste! Check out my original review and re-review of their Straight Mint Chew pouches.

There is no THC in this product.  However, you must be over 21 years old to order it from Jake’s.

Jake’s Mint Chew uses CBD (Made in the USA) that has 98.64% purity, 250mg per tin, and is full spectrum.

Due to extremely high demand, and low supply in the short-term, there is a limit of  3 tins per customer, first-come first-serve. They are looking to increase supply as soon as possible.

CBD Straight Mint Pouches are currently available for purchase on their website at Jake’s Mint Chew in either 1 or 3 tin packages.

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4 years ago

Day 120

Wade v Soracco
Wade v Soracco
4 years ago

Hi, I would like to buy some straight mint pouches how do I buy them ?

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