Dallas Meet Up – Breast Cancer Can Stick It 2018

2018 Breast Cancer Can Stick It Drumathon

KillTheCan.org forum members Croakenhagen, Broccoli-saurus, Lowandslow, BrianG, Big Brother Jack, rocketman, CBird65, bgbdbrd and lmcb got together at the Breast Cancer Can Stick It! Drummathon in Dallas! 17,388 Days or 47.6 Years of Quit represented! Do you have a picture from a quitter meet you’d like added?   You can contact us or post it to our Facebook … Continue reading

Lowandslow at Texas Trophy Hunter’s Extravaganza

Lowandslow - Texas Trophy Hunter's Extravaganza (1) 350x200

KillTheCan.org forum member Lowandslow on day 193 at the Texas Trophy Hunter’s Extravaganza keeping his promise no matter how cheap they try to lure him in. Do you have a Hall of Fame Coin picture you’d like added? You can contact us, you can upload it directly to the site or post it to … Continue reading