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First Time To Be Proud To Quit Something!

First Time To Be Proud To Quit Something!As I sit here thinking about the past 100 days of my journey in life. This is the first time in my life that I am proud to actually quit something under my own terms. There are not many times in life were I can say I am proud that I quit something.

About 8 years ago, I picked up a can of Copenhagen Wintergreen. Both of my grandfathers and my dad dipped all my life, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt for me to join them. My wife was less than thrilled to find out I was using tobacco since I had lost a grandmother and grandfather to tobacco. I started at a can a week and then went to almost 2 cans a day. I never realized how expensive this addiction became.

When I found out I was going to be a father, I figured it was time to give up tobacco. I tried to quit for my wife and my son that was on the way. Found out real quick, that doesn’t work real well. I tried several times without any help. Time and time again, I would stop and buy another can. I started to notice that my teeth were starting to rot away. When I saw the dental bills starting to add up and the pain not getting any better, I felt like I couldn’t escape any of it.

Then, one day in early January I stumbled into KTC, not knowing what to expect. After browsing for a couple of hours, I left and went back to the can. Finally, on 1/24/17 I opened my last can and dumped it into the trash. Then I signed up here and found May 17 quit group. It took me a few days to start to buy into the program. The first member to trade numbers with me was TexasYeti. Later on as I got farther along in my quit, I got numbers from others. I haven’t had to make an emergency call to save me from caving, but I know that one of these guys will be there when i need them.

I have to mention the members that have helped me the most and have encouraged me to grow. These members are in it with me and we all Quit One Day At A Time. Leonidas has been my fellow quitter who I could contact anytime for anything involving this site. Then ConeCrusherman, Quit, Slickwil, and Mcasalinova are the guys i talk to each day. I know they have my back and they should know that i have theirs. The last person i will have to acknowledge would be my wife, she has been the most encouraging as I go forth.

Lowandslow Out!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Lowandslow

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