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October… life sucks sometimes.  Some days its justa bad day at the office.  Some times its a flat tire on the way to soccer practice.  And somedays, the absolute worst falls out of the sky.  It could be a death in the family, a blowout with your spouse, or you lose your only income for the family.  At this point, catastrophe has struck….

Nothing that you can put in your body is going to help you during these times.  No weed, no liquor, no nicotine.  Sure, it might alleviate some of the stress for a short time, but what do you have left once the drug-induced high is over?  In this case, you are back in the grip of your addiction, 2 hours later in life and full of guilt.  And nothing else has changed.

Nicotine is never the answer. Sure, it calls to you like a siren in the wind with promises of unicorns and rainbows.  But as you read this now, clear and level headed, you know these are empty promises.  We all have weak moments in life.  Hell, we all have pure weaknesses of one kind or another that never get patched throughout our lifetime.  But with this site, you have the opportunity to lock down your resolve, concrete your lip shut from the grip of nic.  Use the tools NOW, solidify your quit and your quit plans, so that when the time comes, like it did for swamp….you are ready.

Mark my words, that time will come.  What are you going to do when it happens?  Are you going to give in to the pretty song of a 10 minute high followed by a life of finger banging cans again?  Or are you going to call me, or somebody else in your phone, and let us shield you from the call of the temptress?  This site is the factory for your quit…the parts bins are scattered around along with thousands of instruction manuals that all give you successful protection in the end.  Just make sure you build yours before its too late.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Wedge

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