2008 HOF Speeches

The Scare of My Life

The Scare of My LifeWell I’m not one for a lot of words so I will try and make as painless as possible for my fellow quit friends. When I was a little pup at 7 yrs old my dad started me chew tobacco. At about 8 yrs of age i started dipping and kept dipping until Jan. 10, 2008 at which time I was dipping 2.5 cans a day and had been for about 10 yrs. It didn’t matter what brand as long as it was fine cut and natural flavor. Well on Jan. 10 2008 I went to the dentist for a check up and the dentist said my mouth looked the worst he had seen in a long time. He said he wanted me to quit dipping and to come back in 2 weeks. He said if it doesn’t heal in a month then your going to have to have a bi-op of it. Well i walked out of that dentist office that day scared to death. The thoughts running through
my head were terrible. I came home and told the wife and my youngest daughter overheard us and she started crying and ask me if i was going to quit. I picked her up and promised her I would never dip again. Well that was on a Wednesday, and by Saturday my wife told me to go to the store and buy a can because me getting cancer couldn’t be that bad. I asked her was I being that big of a dick head and she just shook her head.

Well I saw my partner in crime LeeD and I told him I had quit and he told me about this site. Well I thought I would never ever join such a site in my life. Well I’m here to tell all of my quit brothers and sisters this was the best thing God ever laid in my lap. LeeD came over and helped me sign on and thats when I meet FranPro and WWB and Fal. Guys I can’t tell you how much ya’ll helped me get through this. Then I meet Buck, Mule, Loot (who is always red), 11×4 hell I can’t name everyone but ya’ll I ow you my life.

Well I’m sure ya’ll are tired of reading me ramble so to all of my little puppies God Bless You.

P S the sore healed up and I’m like new again

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member tacdog

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