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The Two Hour Jitters

KillTheCan forum member dundippin left this comment this morning and it really struck a chord with me.

I went to a family party yesterday. This is the first time since I have been quit (day 630) that I did not get the 2 hour jitters.

What are the 2 hour jitters? The maximum time I used to go between dips. After 2 hours I would start getting the aches and jitters.

I would have to leave the party and walk down the street for twenty some odd minutes to get my nicotine fix. Then I had to find either an apple to eat or get out a toothbrush to clean my teeth.

All this time and I can finally go to a party without thinking of doing dip. I have really come a long way.

Here is wishing that all of you can get to this place faster than I did.

How long could you go between dips?

I remember those days so very well. I was probably in that range, perhaps closer to an hour or so on a regular basis but could stretch it to three or four hours if I was in a really bad spot but I could feel myself turning into the Hulk fiending for a dip at that point. HUGE congrats to dundippin for graduating to another stage of his quit.

What about you? When you were a dipper, how long would you go between dips?

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Jack the Hammer
Jack the Hammer
6 years ago

After about a hour without dip it would start to be a major problem. In the one-two hours range a headache would come on and the feeling of not making any sense and having a hard time concentrating while having conversation with people. Kinda like a bad buzz without the nic!

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