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Lies Addicts Tell

Lies Addicts TellOne of the most difficult days in my quit was when I realized that I was an addict. And while that was a very difficult realization to come to, it was probably one of the most important as well. 

I am an addict. And because of that fact I was a liar. Addicts tell lies. They lie their family, to their friends and to themselves.

If you say stuff like, “I don’t think I’m addicted”… I’ve got news for you… you’re probably addicted.

Have you ever said, “I can stop any time I want to!” If that’s the case I’d simply ask… why aren’t you quit? 

“I’ll quit tomorrow.” Psst… tomorrow is today.

“Just one isn’t going to hurt.” Yes… yes it will. 

“This can I just bought is gonna be my last.” Oh really? Didn’t you say that with your last can? 

“I’m not ready, I can’t right now, I’ll do it on my birthday.” Insert any other date or milestone you want. Either way, it’s an excuse and it’s a lie.

Stop lying to yourself. When you want to quit, you’re not alone. We can help.

Stop being a liar and start being a quitter.  

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8 years ago

OMG, that was a wtf moment for me! To realize that I am no different than a heroin addict. The only difference is that my drug of choice allows me to function at a “normal” level in society. Oh, and my drug is much more affordable.

This really is an aha! moment. While addiction is cruel, being an addict is a humbling experience. It levels the playing field, and makes you live only for today. Lose focus on today, and you lose your resistance to your drug (you lose your life).

When you realize that you are an addict, and you decide to do something about that, you really start living your life.

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