2019 HOF Speeches

100 Days Down and a Lifetime Left To Go!

100 Days Down and a Lifetime Left To Go!First of all I just want to thank everyone on this website because every single one of you helped me quit. Whether we talked or not just knowing that we are all working towards the same goal is extremely motivating.

I feel like I’m one of the younger members in the march 2019 HOF group. I also dipped for a shorter period of time(4-5 years) compared to some of the other guys. Hats off to all of you that have gone down this road of quitting, beating this addiction is no joke. For future members if you’re reading this quit now, I’m sure the longer you wait the harder it gets.

It all started with one dip, everyone knows the story. It was a “hobby” that turned into a “habit” which became an ADDICTION. I’d be lying if I said quitting was easy. This has been a hard 100 days both mentally and physically. It’s important for myself and fellow HOF’s to realize that the fight to quit is not over. 100 days nicotine/dip free is just a milestone. This is a small part of a long journey to kill the can.

On that note I would like to congratulate myself (Rob) and fellow/future KTC members on reaching the Hall of Fame. Thanks everyone and let’s keep going!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Rob

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