2014 HOF Speeches

Winter Green’s HOF Speech – The View From The First Floor

Winter Green's HOF Speech - The View From The First FloorWell here I am, Brandon, aka Winter Green from southeast Missouri. I quit on 12-2-2013 and today 3-11-2014 I posted day 100. My secret? I QLF ODAAT, and I posted roll EDD. It is what works and has been proven time and time again. The view from the first floor is nice, and being able to use sayings like that is even nicer, “the first floor” awesome!!! Id like to thank Applejack, SFGE, Pbrain, Slug.go, ExNuke, Trauma, Mike, Quit, Alex, kdip, tarpon, SirDerek, Wastepanel, grizzly and ALL of my March 2014 group. Ill keep this short and sweet, thanks everyone, Post roll EDD, stay committed, stay dedicated and stay involved in your quit. Never get complacent.

Thanks again;

Winter Green

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Winter Green

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10 years ago

Congrats Winter…

Eagles Fan
Eagles Fan
10 years ago

Congrats winter!

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