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Well it’s taken me a while, but I finally received some samples of Young’s Chew and here’s the review that I promised.

Wintergreen – This chew has a good smell and is very sweet.  It’s got a Hawkin / candy taste to it and a slightly “gummy” feel to it but holds a pack very well in my mouth and doesn’t fall apart.  From a consistency standpoint it’s very similar to the Mint Snuff that I’ve tried in the past.  I tried this mixed with a couple splashes of hot sauce… That was not a great combination.

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UPDATE: 6/15/2015

Young’s Chew Update – Out of Business


    1. Dan – I just reached out to them as well… 2 of my emails got bounced and a 3rd address I have has not yet. I’ll let you know if I hear back from them but from the looks of this now they may be no longer in business. If I can conform we’ll remove them from the site and update our reviews accordingly.

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